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Review: 150 Best Dips & Salsas

I maintain that if there is one thing that makes foods more fun and enjoyable, it is a good dip. Think about it – how much more fun is it to eat raw veggies, potato wedges, flatbreads, or even fruit when you have something to add some extra zing? Don’t get me wrong, those things […]

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Mediterranean Veggie Bagelwich

On our last day of classes, a group of us 4th year Dietetics students went out to celebrate with lunch at Burgoo – a great soup/sandwich/stew/fondue restaurant close to campus (I’ve been there a few times before, and posted about them here). I was really tempted to get my favourite sandwich – the Vegiterranean. It’s […]

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Got Cheese?

Through a series of unfortunate (well, not for me) events, I have been bestowed with the following bounty: 1 kg of feta cheese… …and 500 g (or approximately 47 balls) of bocconcini cheese!   Ummm…that’s a lot of cheese! I mean, just check out the brick of feta. Yikes! So here’s where I need your […]

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