Encore Presentation

I didn’t get hungry for dinner until 730 ish, when the hockey game was almost over (We won! 4 in a row! Too bad pre-season doesn’t count). Tonight was an encore presentation of last night’s feast – ah, the life of a single person.

Fish is not the best reheater, but it still tasted good. The cat also enjoyed a few pieces. She won’t let me eat any fish without sharing. I may have also had an extra nibble of that fancy bread again, and a couple of small slices of cheddar (the real stuff, not the plastic kind I had at lunch).

I then spent the evening studying away. And watching the Amazing Race. My place was freezing for some reason – periles of living in a basement suite I assume – so I decided I wanted some tea. And popcorn sounded like a good idea as well. I thought I would try out my nutritional yeast flakes as a popcorn topping with some melted omega-3 margarine.

With the tea – Madagascar Vanilla Red Rooiboos with a splash of milk.

The popcorn tasted good, but I think I need to smash up the flakes more so that they are more of a powder, because I had alot of large flakes left in the bottom of the bowl. Mental note for next time.

I finished off the first 2 units of the 4 on our midterm tonight, so I think I’m heading to bed. Back to work tomorrow morning! Hope it isn’t too crazy. Night!

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