Here Comes The Rain Again

Where, oh where, has our sunny weather gone? It’s cold in my place, and dark and dreary outside 😦 And to think, I had totally planned on biking to work today! Of course it would choose today to rain. Grrrr.

Although this probably would have been the perfect day to make some oatmeal, I really wanted to try my Cascadia Bakery Honey Wheat Berry Bread as toast. It just seems like it would be the ultimate way to eat it. So that’s what I did!

food 3796

I toasted up a big slice of bread, and topped it with peanut butter, a smashed super ripe banana, and a drizzle of honey. There was too much smashed banana for this one piece of bread – it was a big one!

I also did up a little yogurt mix similar to yesterday – yogurt, lemon curd, flax seed, and coconut. It reminds me of those fruit on the bottom yogurts I used to eat as a kid. Lemon was my favourite!

food 3795

And since there is no sunshine out to enjoy, why not have a glass of sunny Mango Peach Party? 😎

food 3793

As you can see, the lack of sun = return of flash photography. Boooo.

I love this bread! It has an awesome yeasty flavour, a subtle hint of sweetness, and nice chew from the wheat berries. I think toasting it really brings out that yeasty bread flavour – definitely better than not toasted. Too bad they only make it once a week at the bakery. Although, I guess that’s a good thing for my wallet, since it is a bit on the pricey side.

Now we get to the point in the post where I must say Adieu, as it’s time to pack a lunch and get all purdied up to face the work day. Fortunately, my neck is feeling much better, so I should be good to go! Have a great Tuesday everyone.

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4 Comments on “Here Comes The Rain Again”

  1. May 26, 2009 at 10:35 am #

    there is a definite lack of sunshine here too 😦

    you can NEVER have too big a banana! Just add extra bread 😛

  2. May 26, 2009 at 10:56 am #

    Bahh it’s dreary here too 😦 Holey shmoley that looks delicious and I’m not even a banana girl!

  3. May 26, 2009 at 11:20 am #

    Love banana smashed up with PB!

    Glad your neck is feeling fine…;)

  4. May 26, 2009 at 5:29 pm #

    love the banana smashed on the bread…i like to mix the mashed banana w/ melty pb and cinnamon…YUM.

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