Birthdays, Father’s Day, Whole Foods…And More!

Well, I’m back from another whirlwind trip over to the Mainland to visit my family. And it looks like it will be the LAST visit over there until I move back in August. But don’t worry, I’ll see their lovely faces before then – there are plans for a couple of visits to the Island in July and August.

So, shall we get caught up?


I made the drive out to the ferry terminal to get the 7 pm ferry. In the waiting area before getting on the ferry, I noticed there was one large group of school kids – probably in the 11 – 13 year old range. I was not in the mood to deal with that noisy crowd, so when I got on the ferry, I made the quick decision to hit up the Pacific Buffet instead of the usual cafeteria fare for dinner. I don’t normally go to the buffet, because it’s pricey ($23 for dinner!), but sometimes, the peace & quiet of sitting at a table, leisurely eating dinner and reading for the hour and half ferry ride is totally worth it!

I started out at the salad bar – mixed green, baby spinach, cucumber, carrot, pickles, baby shrimp, feta, balsamic, olive oil. I also had a small cup of some of the best Manhattan clam chowder!

food 4247

Then it was time to hit up the hot foods. They always have a great spread of dishes, lots of seafood, and a carving station. They were serving turkey with all the trimmings this time. Here’s my plate.

food 4248

Roasted turkey, green beans, garlic mashed potatoes, stuffing, and Thai curry prawns. OMG – the prawns were amazing. I probably could have just filled my plate with those and the green beans and been happy. I actually didn’t eat most of the stuffing (mom’s is better), and left some potatoes and turkey behind. Gotta save room for the desserts 😉

Speaking of desserts…

food 4249

A wee slice of New York cheesecake with strawberry sauce, and two mini tarts – lemon and butter. This photo is seriously deceiving. It is actually just a little size plate, and those tarts are maybe a little bigger than a two dollar coin? The cheesecake & lemon tart was good, but the butter tart tasted like the filling was burnt, so I only had a nibble.

Eventually I ended up at home, chit chatted with the family, gave my sister her present, then hit up the hot tub. Oh, how I will enjoy having a hot tub back in my life when I move back!


Per usual, I didn’t sleep in. I can’t sleep late at my parents’ house, regardless of how late I stay up. I think I was up around 8:30? That’s crazy for a Saturday morning. Mom made breakfast – there was some bacon, and I had a toasted English muffin with peanut butter & jam. Then we were off to the grocery store so I could get the necessities for baking cupcakes!

My sister requested that I make the cake for her BBQ party, and we decided to do cupcakes.

food 4255

We went with a chocolate cupcake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting and strawberries. My sister loves strawberries.

food 4254

I couldn’t decide between the red sugar or chocolate sprinkles, so I did half and half.

food 4256

They turned out pretty good, don’t you think?

food 4259

My sister and her boyfriend spent the afternoon cooking & prepping up a storm in the kitchen to get the rest of the food ready for the party. Well, okay, I may have helped a little, as did my mom. The kitchen was a flurry of activity!

To start, we had tortilla chips and homemade salsa.

food 4261

And pita chips with an artichoke-parmesan dip. That stuff is like crack!

food 4264

Then for the main meal, there was chicken satay with peanut sauce, shrimp boiled in a beer & herb broth, mom’s potato salad, and balsamic vegetables on the grill. My dinner plate – a little bit of everything.

food 4265

Close up on those grilled veggies – peppers, zucchini, red onion, mushrooms, asparagus, and cherry tomatoes.

food 4266

Then it was cupcake time. You better believe I enjoyed one of my creations! They appeared to be a big hit with my sister’s friends and the birthday girl. Success!

We spent the rest of the evening inside, looking through old photo albums that my mom had pulled out for some reason, listening to music, until the guests went home. We never got around to the usual bocce match though – it was cloudy and chilly out there!


After being rudely awoken at 6 am with a horrible calf cramp (could there be anything more painful?), I made breakfast for my mom and myself, because dad didn’t want oatmeal. I did up some banana oats like I would make at home. Mom topped hers with raisins & brown sugar, I had peanut butter, chocolate chips, and coconut. Turns out mom isn’t a fan of the creamy oat texture, and likes old school oats. Oh well, I tried. At least it means I won’t have to cook breakfast for anyone when I’m home 😉

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about dad on Father’s Day! I gave him his card, black licorice jellybeans (his fave – no one else in the family will eat them, so I know he’ll enjoy them), and some scratch & win lottery tickets – the usual dad gift. Then I asked to borrow his car so I could drive into Vancouver to hit up the big new Whole Foods. HA! He even gave me cash to put gas in it. Gotta love dad! 😀

I made my way into town to check out this fancy new Whole Foods, and it is a pretty impressive store. I will say though, their produce is EXPENSIVE! I only had about an hour to spend there, as I had to get back so we could head out to the ferry, so I made quick tour around the place, picked up a couple things that would be easy to take back with me, then checked out the deli area. They had a nice looking hot foods bar, and it was tempting, but then I saw fresh sushi and knew I had to get that for lunch. I made a quick phone call home to see if mom wanted some as well, made my purchases, and head back to the ‘burbs.

I picked up a yam asparagus shiitake roll and a lobster prawn roll with lemon mayo to share.

food 4267

Sushi is so pretty.

food 4268

Do you think I’ve eaten enough prawns this weekend?!

food 4269

I finished lunch off with a leftover cupcake and extra strawberries on the side, but they were camera shy 😉

Then it was time to head back to the Island. I napped/listened to the iPod on the ferry ride home, and was greeted happily by Sienna upon my arrival. I realized I had nothing ready to cook, and had little desire to cook, so I picked up some take out from White Spot that also wasn’t playing nice for the camera. Don’t worry, you aren’t missing much – burger, fries, coleslaw. It was good, but I could have done better myself. Oh well.

Now my weekend is almost over, and I have a busy work week coming up as one of my people is on holidays all week. Guess that means I should get into bed to get a good night’s sleep. Hope you all had a great weekend in your respective places 🙂

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16 Comments on “Birthdays, Father’s Day, Whole Foods…And More!”

  1. June 22, 2009 at 12:33 am #

    Hi, glad you enjoyed your visit to your family. Aw bless your Dad giving you gas money an all.
    Those chocolate cupcakes look absolutely amazing 🙂

  2. June 22, 2009 at 5:30 am #

    Those cupcakes look like perfection! The strawberries were a great addition, and yes they look like hearts! The salsa looks great too. I really love homemade salsa, it’s one of my favorite things to make in the summer (I like watermelon salsa best!). Have a great day.

  3. June 22, 2009 at 6:14 am #

    Good call with a quiet dinner on the ferry, sometimes solitude is much needed 🙂

    All of your eats at home look amazing, those cupcakes are adorable!

    Glad you had a good trip, even if it was a quick one!

  4. June 22, 2009 at 6:29 am #

    All of the desserts look amazing! I want some…for breakfast! haha

  5. June 22, 2009 at 6:46 am #

    Those cupcakes look INCREDIBLE!!! Nicely done 🙂 Love the grilled veggies, too! New WFs! Those are always fun to check out!!

  6. June 22, 2009 at 7:05 am #

    CUTE cupcakes! And cute dad – what with the money and all! lol 😉

    But booooooo-urns for calf cramps. I used to get crazy ones. My leg would somehow go up by itself (while sleeping) it got so tense. Horrible!

  7. June 22, 2009 at 7:32 am #

    Sounds like you had a gret weekend home! I never realized how good ferry food was! It probably doesn’t help that I’ve never been on a ferry! I think your cupcakes came out beautiful and the BBQ dinner looked great. Whole Foods is great, but pricey. I’m glad that it’s an hour drive from my place or I’d be broke…;)

  8. June 22, 2009 at 8:43 am #

    Ooh, I am such a huge cheesecake fan, and that looks incredible! Yum 😀 Your cupcakes are too cute! Mmm I love grilled veggies!

    Ooooh I hate hate hate calf cramps! They hurt sooo much! Eek I’m shuddering just thinking about them. The sushi looks so pretty, and I’m glad you had a nice weekend with the fam 🙂

  9. June 22, 2009 at 9:31 am #

    AHHHHHHHHHH those grilled veggies and prawns look sooooooooo good!!!

    the cupcakes are adorable too!! i like that you did both flavors for sprinkles!

  10. June 22, 2009 at 9:50 am #

    Those cupcakes are so pretty!

    I love all the photos in this post!

  11. June 22, 2009 at 10:13 am #

    I love cream cheese frosting. oh man those cupcakes look good! I’ve never seen sushi with yams in it and that is a great idea! Great weekend recap!

  12. JB
    June 22, 2009 at 10:27 am #

    pretty good? no, those cupcakes look like they turned out AMAZINGLY. they’re so pretty!

    yam asparagus shiitake sushi sounds incredible. i want to combine those ingredients in a bowl! yummmm. rice, seaweed, yam, asparagus, and mushrooms. i’ve got to do that. haha, i’m getting way ahead of myself now.

    have a great day today! 🙂


  13. June 22, 2009 at 10:29 am #

    Could you be a doll and mail me eleven billionty of those cupcakes?


  14. June 22, 2009 at 9:06 pm #

    Yeah, the cupcakes look pretty good.
    Hi Sienna!
    WF produce is so cha ching.

  15. broccolihut
    June 22, 2009 at 9:29 pm #

    I guess it was a cupcake kind of weekend, eh? I made some cupcakes for Fathers’ Day too, but yours look way tastier!

  16. April 11, 2010 at 4:41 pm #

    Holy Moly that was one delicious weekend!!!!

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