Fancy Pants

I’m getting ready to head out to a fancy dinner at Vista 18 with my friends, so I’m going to make this snappy. I still need to do my hair and put on a face!

Lunch was leftovers. Veggie stirfry 😀

food 4391

Vegetable gyoza with dipping sauce.

food 4390 

Snacks – dried apricots & rice cracker/nut mix.

food 4392

A cookie I engulfed when I rode in the door after work.

food 4393

You may wonder why I’m posting if I have little time? Well, I have to wait for my hair to dry a bit before I put stying products in it.

So, as I said, I’m off to Vista 18, a pretty fancy restaurant & martini bar located at the top of one of the hotels in downtown Victoria. There are great views out over the city up there. Their menu is great – they heavily feature local products, which I’m all for. And their martini selection is second to none. Check out the menuwhat would you order? I can’t make up my mind!

Well, reservations are at 6:30. Gotta jet!


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12 Comments on “Fancy Pants”

  1. June 29, 2009 at 6:26 pm #

    Personally, I’d go straight for the wicked dessert selection on the menu 😀

  2. June 29, 2009 at 7:24 pm #

    oooh have fun!!!!!!

  3. June 29, 2009 at 9:19 pm #

    mmmmmmm gyoza. LOVE that stuff.

    Menu look schmancy. SHRIMP CAKES! And probably the Birch Syrup Glazed Wild Pacific Salmon or Seared Local Tofu. Everything sounds pretty darn tasty though.

  4. June 29, 2009 at 9:26 pm #

    I think I am late for your dinner, but I would get the Organic Chili Linguini or House Made Hickory Sticks, simply because of their description as frites with attitude!

  5. broccolihut
    June 29, 2009 at 9:33 pm #

    Nom, nom. That seared tofu with artichokes sounds PERFECT.

  6. JB
    June 29, 2009 at 9:41 pm #

    your leftover veggie stirfry looks fantastic! and obviously the cookie does too. i hope you had a yummy dinner tonight!


  7. June 30, 2009 at 5:40 am #

    That restaurant sounds great!! Hope you had a good time last night 🙂

  8. June 30, 2009 at 6:06 am #

    That’s a pretty impressive menu! I’d have trouble choosing, too, but I think I would go for a fish dish!

  9. June 30, 2009 at 9:15 am #

    Everything looks good! Hope you had a fun night!

  10. June 30, 2009 at 10:29 am #

    omg everything looks amazingggg! im so indecisive when it comes to ordering! i bet youll pick something amazinggg

  11. June 30, 2009 at 11:28 am #

    I know I’m late to the game, but I hope you had a Fabulous time out!

  12. June 30, 2009 at 8:45 pm #

    that sounds like a lovely place!! If I could only go 3 places while I’m there what would they be?!

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