Time Waster

I am a pro at wasting time when I should be getting things done. Take this morning – Even though I’ve been done breakfast for awhile, and need to head out to the store, I’ve been playing with the cat, lounging in my pj’s, and watching some Food Network instead. What can I say, I’m a procrastinator extraordinaire!

In an effort to use up some more food from my freezer, I decided on a berry smoothie for breakfast.

food 4743

I threw in the last of the frozen blueberries, some frozen raspberries, milk, and vanilla whey protein powder. All blended up to give me a beautiful purple smoothie.

food 4744

I also had a wee bowl of Nature’s Path Pumpkin Raisin Crunch alongside – there was hardly any left in the box, so may as well finish it off.

food 4741

Breakfast is served.

food 4740

Alas, my sun seems to be hiding this morning. Better be back in time for the BBQ!

Okay, I’m getting off the computer, getting dressed, and getting things done. I swear!


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One Comment on “Time Waster”

  1. July 25, 2009 at 3:06 pm #

    Oh I almost bought that cereal today!! I didn’t buy it because the box was so small and I figured I would eat it way too fast. I should try it though, it looks delicious.
    Have a great night!

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