The Switch Up

Phew, it’s a HOT one out there, and it’s supposed to be over 30 degrees C all week.   Not so pleasant when you work in a building without air conditioning! But let’s not think about work, I still have a good portion of the weekend to go!

After breakfast, I walked down to the gym, and for once, it seemed like the AC was working in there. I think they finally clued it that it’s time to turn it out. I had a fun, sweaty time on the elliptical, and worked on that upper body strength afterwards. I also ran into one of my coworkers there who had been out of town at a conference. Of course me leaving work came up in conversation.

After a quick wander to the store, I headed home in search of lunch. After buying that lovely local BC corn yesterday, I knew I needed to try out a cob today. I kept thinking how good it would be with a baked potato, green beans, and a salmon burger. Seems more suited to dinner, no? Well, I have something else in the works today, that although more suited to a lunch on a hot day, wasn’t going to be ready in time for lunch, so I switched up lunch and dinner.

So it started with a grilled salmon burger, topped with a little Laughing Cow and dill pickle relish.

food 4763

Peaches & cream corn on the cob. You better believe there’s some melted butter on there.

food 4765

Baked potato with the rest of the Laughing Cow and seasonings.

food 4761

And steamed green beans.

food 4762

Dinner for lunch. Heat be damned! I want my corn.

food 4759

Doesn’t corn on the cob just scream summer? I wish I could get it all year round, it’s so much better tasting – and more fun to eat – than the frozen corn kernels.

Well, now that I’m stuffed with glorious eats, I’m back out the door to walk to the mall. Places to go, people to see!

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2 Comments on “The Switch Up”

  1. July 26, 2009 at 6:38 pm #

    You can not eat corn on the cob unless it’s got butter on it!! Great lunch and hey! I’ll trade you weather for the week! Actually, maybe me and the fam should book a last minute flight out there for our holidays!!! 😉

  2. July 26, 2009 at 11:06 pm #

    Oh, that salmon burger looks great! I’m not actually a big fan of corn on the cob, but it’s definitely a summer-y food. 😀

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