Souper Saturday

My walk this afternoon was great. It was still really cold out there along the water, but it was nice to be out in the fresh air. And apparently I wasn’t the only one with the same thoughts today – there were tons of people on the trail, walking their dogs and kids 😉

After my brisk walk, I came home in need of some lunch.

fffs_lp 596

Since I was chilly, I needed something to warm me up. Bring on the soup!

fffs_lp 595

There was a serving of avgolemono soup and a wee bit of orzo left, so I made the same combo as yesterday. Still tasty!

fffs_lp 597

Dad had bought this monster sub from Safeway, and saved me a chunk.

fffs_lp 598

It’s pretty much all meat and cheese, but there is a single layer of lettuce, and some tomatoes on there. I, of course, picked off those tomatoes.

fffs_lp 594

Mmmm, lunch.

fffs_lp 593

As I was chowing on lunch, I enjoyed some figure skating on TV with my sister. It was only an hour of coverage though. I swear, the TV coverage of skating just keeps getting smaller and smaller each year. I want to see whole events over multiple days people! Good thing I discovered Skatebuzz, a site run by Skate Canada, where they have live coverage of the entire event. In fact, I’m sitting here right now, watching some live coverage.

Not sure what’s happening here this evening dinnerwise – both my sister and mom will be out, so it’s just me and dad. I have a feeling take out might be on the menu, but you never know. Now back to the skating!

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One Comment on “Souper Saturday”

  1. November 15, 2009 at 5:28 am #

    I watched skating yesterday too!! What a coincidence 😉

    That sub looks so bready – I like!

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