My Olympics Part 13 – Two For One

In my never ending quest to bring you my whole Olympic experience, this post is going to contain not just one day, but two. Whether or not it’s a deal is up to you – I just had two short recaps that I figured should be combined.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

To be quite honest, I have no clue what happened this day. I only have one photo of my lunch. I think I must have been outside, as I don’t even have a recollection of what hockey was played that day.  *Just looked it up – turns out there were qualification games and Canada played Germany. How on earth did I forget that?!*

But I want to share my volunteer lunch from that day because it was exciting!


OMG – not the soup and sandwich combo. How excited was I to come in from outside and see that I was going to get a hot meal for lunch? I think it was the first day we had rain as well, so it was just that much better. I had the mac & cheese, beef barley soup, whole wheat roll, and granola bar (I think I still have some of those granola bars kicking around in my bag). The other hot lunch option was BBQ chicken & potato wedges. I think I made the better choice.

Other than that, I was wet and cold, and went home to watch the end of the hockey game. I also probably tried to get some sleep.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another day, another set of big hockey games. Today Canada was playing Russia in the quarterfinals – a match up we hoped we wouldn’t see until the gold medal game! And for some reason, I thought I’d photograph some breakfast for you all.


Like I said, bowls of plain cereal were by far the breakfast of choice during while the Olympics were on.

I made my way down to the venue per usual, and made my way through the workforce check in area.


When we got into the briefing room inside the arena, they decided to do something a little different when deploying us to our positions. They took everyone who worked outside in the rain the day before, and gave them all inside positions first. Which means yours truly was one of those lucky people. Not only that, but I scored one heck of a location.


I was assigned to the media section for the day. I started off in Row 8 at centre ice.





Not too shabby, if I do say so myself! Of course, I had to be on my best behaviour, and wasn’t really able to take any pictures. But it was only USA vs Switzerland for the morning game anyways, so not the end of the world. But let me say, hockey looks so much faster when you are that close to the ice.

Alas, my time there was short lived. I think I was able to enjoy 1.5 periods of hockey there, then I was moved to another post in the media section. This one was…significantly less glamourous.


Ah, good ol’ access control. In a hallway, with no TV’s to watch the game on. Gotta love it!

Fortunately, I was soon relieved so I could go have lunch. Unfortunately, I have no picture, but you can all conjure up images of a typical volunteer soup & sandwich lunch by now. And then, I got to go back to my access control spot until the next shift came on – which did mean I missed a good portion of the first period of the Canada vs Russia game!  Not all of it though – you can’t go far in the city without someone showing the Canadian hockey games live on big screens.


This was on the Ontario Pavilion, which was right next door to Canada Hockey Place. And as you can see, I wasn’t the only one out in the rain getting my hockey fix.


As soon as the first period ended, I made a beeline for the train so I could get home and enjoy the last period of the game. Really, that’s the most important part, right? And we won 7 – 3 . What a blow out!

Amazingly, I even thought to photograph my dinner.


Just a little sandwich + other goodies – grapes, papaya, kiwi, aged white cheddar, cucumber, and carrots.

And because I’m sure you are wondering, the sandwich contained some leftover grilled chicken and smashed up avocado. Nice and simple.


I had to enjoy a quick dinner, because I was then off to pick up my friend who had come over from Vancouver Island to check out all the Olympic hubbub for a few days. Find out what fun things we got up to in my next few Olympic posts!


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One Comment on “My Olympics Part 13 – Two For One”

  1. March 18, 2010 at 2:25 am #

    oh man! i loved reading all your olympic updates. wish i had been able to get out to vancouver for the games. the excitement seems incredible (though i do have a brand new coworker who just moved from out there and she said it was kind of a pain to be in the city and doing regular life stuff up to and during that time!). i hope i have another shot at going someday. maybe london!

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