Achy All Over

Let me tell you – it has been a long day today. I’m so glad I decided to skip my one useless waste of time class tomorrow and give myself a 5 day break from school. I could really use the time I spent on the bus/train for, oh…sleeping.

I did not want to get out of bed this morning, and managed to stay there until just after 6 am. Of course, my morning was then super rushed to get out the door and to biochem on time. I had to chug back my greens+ extra energy swamp water.


I followed that delightful beverage with a bowl of Nature’s Path Pumpkin Raisin Crunch cereal. No time for fancy breakfasts today.


Things were going fine, until I was on my 3 hour break between classes. I started to feel like a pile of junk – my calf muscles felt on the verge of cramping, my stomach was angry, and I had a minor headache. Not sure what that was all about. I figured if I started in on my lunch, it might squash the stomach ache.


I slowly nibbled my way through all the bits and pieces I brought with me. Starting with the veggies.


Next I broke into the Thermos to chow on the Greek yogurt/peanut butter/maple syrup/frozen blueberry combo in there.


Into which I mixed the Kashi High Fibre Flakes & Granola cereal. I like this stuff – it’s similar to that Trader Joe’s Twigs, Flakes & Clusters cereal. But, you know, I can buy it in Canada.


None of this really made me feel better. Le sigh. I made my way to class, where we were learning about foodborne illnesses. So of course, I start going through all the things I’ve eaten in the past few days to see if perhaps I ate something off that’s making me feel craptastic, but I can’t come up with anything. So I figured I should just eat the Apple Pie Larabar instead.


Once I finally found my way back to the ‘burbs, I took some time to relax before heading into work. I may have snacked on some Peanut Butter Puffins. Which, of course, still did nothing for my stomach, but I had to eat something since I wouldn’t be having dinner until after work ended at 8 pm.


Oh Puffins, it’s been far to long. Good thing I dished out that little bowl instead of taking the box with me, otherwise it would probably be gone. And my stomach ache would definitely have gotten worse!

Work was pretty slow, which coupled with calf muscles on the verge of cramping, and a headache that just kept getting worse, wasn’t overly enjoyable. That’ll teach me to say yes to extra shifts.

There was a bright spot though – Wednesday is the day our new flyer comes out, so we have a whole new array of products on sale. I like to check it out, and see if there is anything I should stock up on, or if something I’ve wanted to try is a good price. The latter was true today.


Okay, only 2 of the 3 were on sale, but that’s just a technicality.

I’ve seen Caroline over at The Broccoli Hut consume Ak-Maks on numerous occasions, but I have yet to try them out. Their appearance in the flyer this week was an omen that I should finally give in a try them.


I love that the box states “Bilingual for Canada” on it. It amuses me. I’m not totally sure why.

We also had Bumble Bars on sale, 3 for $5. Not bad, considering they are always over $2 each. Alas, we only carry two flavours – Chocolate and Chai. I hate all things Chai, so it was a pretty easy decision which one I should buy.


I figure if I like this, I may just buy a few more, because the price is definitely right.

My impulse/non-sale buy was a single serve packet of Vega Sport Performance Protein powder. I’m on a mission to find a new protein powder for my smoothies, for no real reason than I feel like it. I’d like to try something other than a whey or soy based product, so I have a few options I’m looking into.


I figure this is a good way to try it out before dropping serious coin on the large tub of the stuff. But I will say – our store has the BEST price on this particular protein powder. We’re selling it for $10 less than the Vega website does! I’m just saying.

None of my new purchases made it into my dinner though. I wanted comfort food when I got home, and decided that a nice grilled cheese sandwich would really hit the spot. Especially with some dill pickles on the side.


All good grilled cheese sandwiches require a bowl of tomato soup for dipping. I think there’s actually some sort of law in regards to it. Seriously.


My sister brought home cookies. One of them may have made it into my hands and into my stomach. It may have been double chocolate. And it may have looked like this.


But that’s all rumours and heresay.

The rest of my evening was spent watching lame tv and trying to massage the pain out of my calves. I’m not sure I’ve really helped them, but we’ll find out when I get up in the morning. I just can’t figure out why they are acting up – I drink water like a fish, and haven’t done any real calf work at the gym recently, nor have I been wearing heels or anything.

But now, my friends, it’s time for me to find my way to bed, in hopes of more pain free day tomorrow. Night!

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3 Comments on “Achy All Over”

  1. April 1, 2010 at 7:39 am #

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  2. April 1, 2010 at 2:10 pm #

    Hope you feel better soon! And I LOVE the oozy grilled cheese pic – nothing better than that!!

  3. April 1, 2010 at 3:24 pm #

    Be sure to let me know when you give the Ak Maks a try!

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