A Whole Lotta Green

I had all intentions of blogging last night, but alas, my evening changed quickly when work asked me to stay until closing as someone called in sick. Since I’m such a wonderful person, I said yes, and was basically ready for bed when I got home. No worries though – we’ll check out yesterday right now!

I started off my morning like any other, with a glass of swampy greens+ extra energy water.


Notice that it’s no longer pitch black out when consuming food in the mornings!

I couldn’t make up my mind on what I wanted for breakfast, so I didn’t bother.


I had a slice of toasted Silver Hills sprouted grain bread, topped with Almond Budder Extreme and raspberry jam.


Plus a bowl full of cereal.


Kashi GoLean Crunch with craisins and flaked coconut. Love this combination.


I purposely had a larger breakfast because I was too lazy to wasn’t planning on packing a big lunch.

I grabbed a Chocolate Crunch Bumble Bar.


The ol’ standby – carrot sticks & cucumber slices.


And an ambrosia apple. <— holy alliteration Batman!


Can I reiterate my love of these Chocolate Crunch Bumble Bars? Seriously…they are like eating a chocolate bar. Or at least would satisfy a chocolate bar craving. So good!

School was nothing to write home about. I managed to stay awake through both lectures, which is always a good sign. Then I made my way home, and turned on the oven to make myself some chips…kale chips that is.


Hello sunshine! It was super bright outside, and super windy. I had to photograph these babies fast so they didn’t blow away!

I decided to nooch up the kale chips this time, in addition to my usual salt/pepper/garlic seasoning.


And per usual, my mom complained that I stunk up the kitchen cooking kale. She likes kale chips herself, but thinks they stink. I totally don’t notice it. Do you?

Fuelled up with greenery, I was off to work. I only had a 4 hour shift, and didn’t bother to pack any snack with me since I didn’t think I would need it. Boy was I wrong. My 4 hours turned into 6.75. Good thing I work in a grocery store – I threw together a random dinner on my break (crackberry photo ahead!)


From left to right: Olympic organic vanilla non-fat yogurt, 2 spinach & feta samosas from our deli, cheese string (given to me by a coworker), and a Happy Planet Extreme Green Smoothie.

I loved this on the bottle: “Cheers for recycling!”  Happy Planet rocks!


Only one of those samosas made it into my belly though, so I packed the other one up and saved it for another day. I also found myself in possession of a multitude of chocolate/crispy rice treats from our supervisor that evening. I think she was bribing me to stay til closing.


Those are the ones I had leftover. I probably consumed as many at work. LOL.

The family had blueberry pancakes for dinner. I had to taste test one when I got home, just to make sure they were okay. With some hazelnut butter, just because.


Yup, still good.

By the time I’d had my pancake dessert, sat down, and started watching the news, I could feel my eyelids getting droopy, so I knew it was time to hit the sack. Which is why you had to wait for this post until now.

/End story

Fortunately, this here blogger doesn’t have to work tonight (hello, Friday night off!), so you’ll wake up tomorrow morning with a new post in your Google reader per usual. One more class for me today, then I can start my weekend with my first Zumba class this afternoon (paid class that is – not the free trial ones). Off to enjoy the rest of my break!

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5 Comments on “A Whole Lotta Green”

  1. April 9, 2010 at 11:54 am #

    I also think that kale smells terrible when you cook it. The first time I ever made kale chips I thought it had gone bad! Super glad I tried them before throwing them out though, delicious!

  2. April 9, 2010 at 4:36 pm #

    MMMM… I am definitely going to be trying hazelnut butter!

  3. April 9, 2010 at 6:00 pm #

    I’ve never noticed that kale smells while cooking either. HA! This post reminded me that I bought some kale the other day. Must crisp’em up tomorrow!
    Have fun at Zumba and enjoy your Friday evening off…

  4. April 10, 2010 at 7:08 am #

    Great pics! My family loves green smoothies! Yesterday and today we’ve been loving organic spinach, banana, and ginger. 🙂


  5. April 10, 2010 at 8:45 am #

    I haven’t noticed the kale smell either, weird!

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