Genuine Health – From The Inside Out

As you all know, I won a Twitter contest from Genuine Health, where I was sent a container of their greens+ extra energy powder, and for the past 2+ weeks, I’ve been faithfully drinking a glass every morning before or with breakfast.

(Missed my previous posts? You can see the prize package here, and check out my week 1 recap here).

Well, there isn’t too much to update you on from week two. I’ve still been drinking it, and it still looks like swamp water. To clarify though – when I call it swamp water, I don’t mean it in any sort of derogatory way. I just like to give things fun names. In fact, every time I call it swamp water, it brings me back to birthday parties as a kid, when we used to mix different kinds of pop together and call it swamp water. Not that the greens+ resembles that in anyway.

But I digress.

I’ve still been measuring my pH, and it hasn’t been changing much, staying in the 6.2 – 7.0 range. I’d say it’s averaging around 6.4? I’m a horribly sleep deprived person, so I’ve yet to truly feel energized, but I don’t blame the product – I blame the 5 hours or less of sleep I get every night. And something I forgot to mention last time, was that I have not had any of the “loose bowel movement” side effects mentioned on the package. Just in case you wanted to know 😉

But the greens+ isn’t the only new thing I’ve been trying out lately.

Genuine Health sent a tweet a while back, asking for bloggers who wanted to try out a new skin care product they were launching. If you go back to my last post, you can see that my skin may need a little TLC. Working at the grocery store has rendered my hands dry and hideous, and I’ve been getting random dry patches all over my body for some time. I was all for being a guinea pig for a new skin care product, so I replied to the tweet.

And lo and behold – another packaged arrived on my doorstep.


My new skin care product – dermalipid.


From the company’s promotional material:

dermalipid: An all-natural supplement for moisturized, healthier skin.

Containing only 100% natural and research-proven ingredients including borage oil (GLA) and plant-based ceramides, dermalipid helps replenish lost moisture, slow the effects of aging and environmental damage.

And unlike most topical creams, not only does dermalipid work below the skin’s surface (specifically targets the epidermal wall), it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or fillers. Instead, it feeds the body essential nutrients for the best results, naturally.”


I was pretty excited to try out this product, for a few reasons:

  1. As evidenced by my 80 year old looking hand, I need to replenish my skin’s moisture.
  2. I’m 30, and I ain’t getting any younger. It’s not too soon to start worrying about skin aging now.
  3. I’ve only ever used topical skin care products, not ones you ingest. The concept intrigues me.
  4. Genuine Health is a Canadian company, with products that are widely available, and that I’m interested in.

Each container contains 120 capsules, or one month’s supply. They are somewhat larger in size, but not too bad.


You take 4 capsules per day with food (I’m assuming this helps absorption). The instructions also mention to avoid taking it near any other medications you may be taking. It does not say if you should take all 4 at once, or spread them out throughout the day.

So far, I’ve only started taking this for the past few days, so I don’t have much to report, other than the capsules themselves have not given me any adverse stomach issues. But I’m hoping to see a difference in the dry patches of skin on my body, as they are quite annoying.

If you are interested in dermalipid, visit the Genuine Health website for more detailed information on the ingredients and the science behind it. I will keep you posted on how my experience with the product goes. Fingers crossed, if only for your own sake, so you don’t have to see my old lady hands grace the blog again!


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One Comment on “Genuine Health – From The Inside Out”

  1. April 13, 2010 at 8:40 pm #

    Gosh, you’ve made me fall in love with the thought of gulping down a big giant monster! I have yet to try my first one, but your posts are making me want more and more every day! Thanks for inspiring me to someday (soon!) make + taste one!


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