Better Late Than Never

How did I start my first day after classes ended? By sleeping in of course. Would you expect anything less of me?

By the time I rolled out of bed, and got around to the kitchen, well…it was more like brunch. Or maybe even an early lunch. Either way, it was delicious.


I wanted yogurt, and I wanted cereal, so I figured I should just combine the two.

I started with some Liberté Greek Yogurt mixed with peanut butter & maple syrup, then topped it with a chopped ambrosia apple, Kashi Organic Cinnamon Harvest, and Kashi Granola & Flakes High Fibre cereals.


With it’s trusty sidekick – a glass of greens+ extra energy.


Breakfast, lunch, brunch….do labels really matter?


And a photo to prove the existence of yogurt…


I think I could eat this bowl of deliciousness every day.

My morning was spent on the computer, getting some random things accomplished. I probably should have started studying for my final on Monday, but let’s be honest – we all know that’s not going to happen until I absolutely have to. Like Sunday. Night. Procrastinator, right here.

The sun was shining again today, and I planned on getting out for a nice walk before work again, but my silly cat got outside, and took off for under the deck. I spent a good 1/2 hour or so just trying to trick her out from under the deck, and getting her back inside. I managed to come out of it relatively unscathed, but ran out of time for my walk. C’est la vie.

A fun package came in the mail for me today. One I’ve been on the look out for for a loooong time 😉


Waaaaay back, I sent Mara from What’s For Dinner? a pair of the coveted Olympic red mittens. Today was the day the exchange was complete. Not only did I receive this awesome Chicago Starbucks mug


…and these highly impractical measuring spoons/cups


…but I received my very own Nintendo chain wallet. Because what Wii freak doesn’t need a Nintendo wallet? I’ll be honest – I don’t think I’ll be switching out my Coach wallet for this one any time soon, but it is just asking to have a Hallowe’en costume built around it. Hilarious!


You know you want one.

I had a mini lunch/snack shortly before leaving for work.


A bowl of Happy Planet Thai Coconut Soup with some Ak-Maks on the side.


I also packed a snack to eat while at work. Dinner wasn’t going to be until late, and I hate having to buy a snack when don’t bring something with me.


Nothing too fancy – whole wheat pita, carrot, cucumber, and tzatziki sauce for dipping. Mmm, mmm good.

Work was pretty busy, but I like it that way, as it makes the time fly by. Since it was payday, I did a mini grocery shop after work, then headed home.

Where mom had dinner ready and waiting for me (thanks mom!)


Stuffed pork chops.


Steamed broccoli and carrots, with a smattering of cheddar.


And half a baked potato with sour cream.


That giant dinner left me with a full and happy belly as I watched Jamie’s Food Revolution and a little playoff hockey. I did have room for a little chocolate though…


…in the form of hot cocoa. I used up the very last serving of the hot cocoa I purchased when I was in Ecuador in June 2008. It made me a little sad to finish it off. But I still have the cool little bag from it.


I even topped my hot cocoa with a little whipping cream (leftover from Easter).


Reminds me of the trip my family took to Disneyland when I was 8. We ate at the same restaurant beside our hotel every morning, and every morning my sister and I would order hot chocolate with our breakfast. We always had the same server, and he would make sure to put extra whipped cream on top. One day, he wasn’t there, and we were highly disappointed when we only got a little bit from the new server. Ah, memories.

Time for me to find my way to dreamland. Lots to do tomorrow, including my dinner out at Joey’s with a friend. Still haven’t decided on what to order (menu is here), but I may have narrowed it down:

  • Earth & Surf Calamari + Simple Green Salad
  • Lobster Grilled Cheese (Simple Green Salad substituted for the fries)
  • Viva Salad
  • Miso Ramen Bowl with Salmon

Or, I could go with some favourites I’ve had before:

  • Sweet Chili Chicken
  • Bombay Butter Chicken
  • Lobster Ravioli

Ah…how to choose? It’s all so good! And don’t even get me started on their desserts…

Seriously…help a girl decide!


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3 Comments on “Better Late Than Never”

  1. April 17, 2010 at 8:52 am #

    I should’ve warned you that i suck at sending stuff… oh well, at least you finally got it, right?? And now I have your address, so you can expect more goodies again 🙂

  2. April 19, 2010 at 5:39 am #

    I LOVE the heart shaped spoons! I’d be squeeling if they came in the mail! SO CUTE!

  3. April 19, 2010 at 10:03 pm #

    LOL – I love this post because I just know Mara so well. She is like me – sending stuff usually is delayed by at least a month 🙂 Glad you got such a fun package! I absolutely love that Nintendo wallet and am going to have to ask her where she found it.

    Your hot cocoa looks like my Coffee Cocoa every morning. I can’t help it – I love whipped cream.

    I’d go with the Lobster Grilled Cheese for something new or the Lobster Ravioli for an old fave. Can you sense a theme?

    Have fun!

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