It’s Beginning To Look Alot…

…like summer!

The weather this weekend has been great! Sunny, warm, slight breeze. My car was parked in the sun today, and when I got in, it said it was 30 C in there. Looks like the weather should be sticking around for awhile. Better get out those sunglasses.

Per usual, I slept in later than planned. You would think I would learn to just not plan to wake up early, that way I wouldn’t be disappointed when I sleep in. Alas, I haven’t figure that out yet. Oh well. So even though my morning was a bit short, I still took the time to shoot breakfast in the sun.


Nothing fancy this morning. Just a bowl of cereal.


A mixture of Kashi Flakes & Granola High Fibre cereal with Peanut Butter Puffins, served up with almond milk.


With a glass of ruby red grapefruit juice.



Alas, I had to spend the middle of my day indoors at work. And let me tell you, between all the people buying stuff to throw on the BBQ, and cakes and flowers for Mother’s Day, it was pretty damn busy all day. Which is good, because time goes quickly, but can lead to some cranky customers. Good thing I was only there for 4 hours!

Here’s my sad little packed lunch – peanut butter & banana sandwich with carrot sticks and snap peas.


I was in a rush, hence the subpar photo.

My sister and I went out after work to get our Mother’s Day gift for mom. We got her a gift certificate for a manicure & pedicure, and a great bouquet. Since we didn’t want to have to hide the bouquet for a day, we just gave it to her this afternoon.

I guess my sister had spent the day cleaning out her room, and came across a box of chocolates from Christmas. We definitely dug into those.



They are just tiny chocolates though. And still tasted good 🙂

With the weather being so nice, there was little doubt that dinner was going to be cooked out on the grill. IMG_7223 

Burgers! Loaded with all the good toppings – onions, mushrooms, pickles, lettuce, cheese. I even picked up whole wheat buns, just for me.


My sister made homemade guacamole, which we devoured with blue corn tortilla chips. And when I say devoured, I mean it. That guac didn’t stand a chance!


A few ripe strawberries to round out the plate.


Doesn’t this meal just scream summer?


After dinner my sister and I went on a walk around one of the local lakes. We made it an antisocial walk, and both listened to our respective iPods. I’m sure were looked ridiculous, walking around the lake in complete silence for an hour.

We had to go out for the walk, because we were coming home to this treat.


While we were out getting mom’s present and some things for dinner, we stopped into Cobs Bread, and were drawn in by all the tasty treats behind the counter. We thought it would be nice to pick up a sweet treat for dessert, and decided upon this cranberry & custard teabread.


Do I even need to say anything else?


I had a quick shower when we got back, and then my parents were going to watch the movie Pirate Radio, so my sister and I joined them. I made some chamomile tea.


To which I added mint creamed honey and almond milk.


And of course had a slice of the teabread.



Which was fantastic, if I do say so. The tart cranberries made for a nice contrast with the sweet custard. It was very fresh tasting, and not too heavy. Well received by the family as well, seeing as it’s almost all gone!

The movie was good. My dad was really into it, simply for all the old music. After the movie, my sister and I sat watched SNL with Betty White (and Jay-Z, who my sister kept calling Jay-Zed all night). I had seen people tweeting about it (all those who had already seen it on the east coast), and knew I had to stay up and watch. Too freakin’ funny. Totally worth the late bedtime. Plus allowed me to write this post.

Speaking of which – I must be off. I’m getting up early to head to the Coquitlam Farmer’s Market. It’s opening day! Should be fun. Night!

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3 Comments on “It’s Beginning To Look Alot…”

  1. May 9, 2010 at 4:51 am #

    omg that is so awesome that u found those chocolates.. and they were still edible too! yum!
    so jealous that u can grow ur nails out hehe, just noticed that btw.
    k that burger is calling my name- dont u love using the grill! perfect warm weather food. nom nom nom. and paired with mushrooms and strawberries- ur fabulous girl!
    and nope, that teabread needs no introduction..holy SHIIIT lol excuse me. FREAKING YUM!

    xoxo ❤

  2. May 9, 2010 at 5:29 am #

    The tea bread looks pretty darn good. I’ve never thought to put milk or honey in my chamomile. I’ve always drank it straight up. My Nonna used to pick the “plants” from the yard and brew her own when I was little. It was often used as a stomach soother.

  3. May 9, 2010 at 3:09 pm #

    Oh man! A post full of summer food! I can’t wait to hit the beach soon after seeing your eats:)

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