Mermaid Eyes

Yesterday was day 4 of my 5 days free of work. I wish I could say I had the whole day to myself, but alas, I had appointments that had to be kept (unlike the one I cancelled last minute last Monday). I did manage a nice sleep in though, followed by a light breakfast featuring this new product.


I used one of the coupons I received from Silver Hills to purchase their brand new Wheat Free Chia Bread. I don’t think I’ve ever had a truly wheat/gluten free bread, and wanted to give one a go.


Although it looks like a bagel, I assure you, it was just an air bubble in the loaf.


I toasted up two of the wee slices of bread (what’s the deal with gluten free bread loaves being so tiny?! They would suck for sandwiches), and topped them with some peanut butter and Western Sage Cinnamon Creamed Honey.


I also had half of a ruby red grapefruit.


And some cranberry juice.


Utilizing the last of the sunshine for my breakfast photos. The weather has since turned. Boo-urns.


Other than the size of the bread being so small, I thought it was great. It had a good texture, smallish crumb size but not heavy, and had a pleasant taste. Would I give up my other favourite Silver Hills breads for this one? Probably not – it’s too small for sandwiches. But if I needed a wheat/gluten free bread, I would definitely consider it. Note: the bread is not made in a gluten free facility, so they cannot guarantee it is free from all traces of gluten – hence the “wheat free” and not “gluten free” label.

Shortly there after, I was on my way to my appointment near Metrotown. I thought I had left with plenty of time to get there. Turns out there was road construction everywhere, and I hit every red light I could. I was 10 min late. Oh well. Then I wasted an hour of my life talking finances. When that was over, I decided to hit up the mall, because hey, I was right next door.

Oh Metrotown – you have so many stores. I had to get a map to find the places I was looking for. How sad is that?! It seriously is this giant shopping cornucopia, with tons of stores from the US that we don’t have at alot of the other malls. After make some purchases, I decided I was hungry for lunch. I checked out my options on my mall map, and wandered over to Bread Garden. I went with a delicious panini sandwich.


This was the grilled vegetable panini, which had eggplant, roasted red pepper, spinach, pesto, and provolone cheese in it.


And it went swimmingly with my San Pellegrino Limonata.


What is that I spy in the corner of the picture?


Why that would be a Sephora bag. Yes, I went shopping for girly beauty products. It’s funny, I often walk into their store, and peruse all the fun things they have, but I never buy anything. Yesterday, I finally decided to bite the bullet and treat myself to something fun from the Kat Von D collection.


A fun spring eye shadow palette!


Check out all those bright shades. How ridiculous, right? But so fun. I actually like to use colours instead of dark neutrals, because of my deep set eyes. I find if I want a smoky eye, I can’t go with dark brown or black, otherwise I just look like I’ve been punched. I even had the salesperson play around with some of the colours on me while I was there (one of my favourite things to do when I’m at a makeup counter). I call this the mermaid eye.


The colours are so fun and so vibrant! Now I just need clothes to go with them. Minor detail, right? 😉 And I probably wouldn’t go quite that heavy with the colour, especially for day. But you never know!

I made my way home during the beginning of rush hour, just so I could turn around and head back out the door and volunteer at the hospital. By the time I got home, it was time for some dinner. The family had eggs – they always do this when I’m out – so I was on my own. Good thing there were leftovers!


I reheated the rest of the asparagus, some of the chicken, and some of the morel cream sauce. Too bad the sauce broke when it was reheated – not quite a creamy and delicious as when it was fresh.


With a slice of toasted sesame seed bread topped with Swiss cheese.


I’ll admit, the bread was only added so I could mop up any leftover sauce from my plate 😉


I’m not even sure what I spent the rest of the evening doing. Probably watching TV. You know how it goes. I did have a little dessert later on when my sweet tooth came a’ calling.


I took a small whole wheat tortilla, and spread it with Almond Budder Extreme. Then I topped it with some sliced strawberries and chocolate chips.


A few seconds in the microwave, and it was ooey gooey good.


Dessert quesadillas are always a good idea.

And that, my friends, was Monday in a nutshell. A very long winded, picture filled nutshell. Shall we do a question of the day? What is your preferred eye shadow colours – bright and colourful, subtle and neutral, or something else?

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2 Comments on “Mermaid Eyes”

  1. May 18, 2010 at 6:32 pm #

    LOVE the eye pallet! I tend to stick to neutrals because I have small eyes that disappear with too much colour.

  2. May 18, 2010 at 7:09 pm #

    Oh my gosh, that panini looks so delicious. I can imagine how crunchy it was! And I love how you cooked your asparagus, I think I might try it that way next time. Have a great week!

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