Birthday Escape To Victoria – Part 4

Alternate Title – I Like Bacon

If you remember from part 3 of my weekend away in Victoria, I may have mentioned that I consumed the majority of a bottle of red wine at the BBQ I attended on Saturday night. I was almost 100% sure I would wake up feeling…under the weather, shall we say. Turns out I was just really tired. But I did make sure to rehydrate with a few choice liquids, just in case.


What you can’t really tell is that the bottle of green juice is more than half full. And I drank the whole things. Mmmm, green juice.

It was okay that I had slept in though, as I had plans to meet up with my friends for brunch at a little place in Fernwood called Lucy’s In The Square

I would love to share with you pictures of our wonderful brunch feast, but…I didn’t take any. Apparently, I still have a hard time sharing with all my friends the whole food blogging thing. But I can give you a verbal recap 🙂

The location was great – right in the square, across from the Belfry Theatre. We sat out on the patio since it was cooler out there in the shade than inside the restaurant. We ordered our teas and coffee (I went with a pot of Green Rooibos) which were promptly served, each with our own little milk pitcher and some lovely raw sugar. We also received a complementary paper bag of mini scones. They were fresh and flaky, perfect with a little smear of butter. Nothing too heavy, but just enough to whet our appetite for our meals.

It was hard to choose what to order, but I kept going back to the Bacon Waffles on the menu. They did not disappoint – two small golden brown waffles, studded with crispy, salty bacon pieced. Drizzled with real maple syrup, they were a sweet and salty treat. On the side was a small salad of local greens, pear slices, and pecans (or were they walnuts?). I was satisfied without any heavy feeling that many a restaurant waffle breakfast can you leave you with – you know the ones, topped with mounds of sugary fruit topping and whipped cream.

My brunching partners both ordered the Sweet potato hash – sweet potatoes, mushrooms, leeks sauteed together, and topped with two chicken breakfast sausages and a poached egg. I was a little jealous because it looked so good, but I also know I could probably make it at home fairly easily. In fact, I may just have to do so one of these days…without the silly poached egg 😉

Overall, I was impressed with Lucy’s. I thought the service was good, the location was great, and the food was fresh, local and uncomplicated. I’d love to go back, not only to have brunch again, but to also try out some of their dinner options. There are just too many good dining establishments in Victoria!

My friends and I parted ways, and I headed back downtown to do a little solo wandering/shopping. There seemed to be alot of festivals, markets and activities going on in the city this weekend, such as the street market in Chinatown.


I took a quick stroll through and checked out the stalls. I always see this one jewellery vendor that I want to buy something from, but never have the cash on me to do so. One day!


I did make a few purchases elsewhere though. Like picking up a couple more bottles of that Foch-éh wine.

IMG_1379 (2)

And I couldn’t leave the city without some more tea. But surprisingly, I didn’t purchase any from Silk Road. This time, I hit up Special Teas.


This is a store I’ve walked past many a time in Victoria, but never went into. I think half the time it was because the store was closed! But it was open and something made me go in on this particular trip, and boy was I happy that I did. I found something I’ve been hoping existed for quite some time…

IMG_1383 (2)

Coconut tea! I can find teas with coconut, but they usually have other flavours as well like mango or chai. I wanted straight up coconut. I knew someone had to make it. They had a few varieties that were just coconut flavoured. I went with the rooibos, because I kinda love rooibos.

You can even see pieces of coconut in there.

IMG_1385 (2)

IMG_1390 (2)

Special Teas hand blends all of their teas themselves, which I think is really great. And probably why they are able to offer so many great flavours. There were way too many to choose from, but I ended up getting a couple others. Like Hazelnut Roasted Mate.

IMG_1382 (2) 

And again, you can see the pieces of hazelnut in there.


IMG_1391 (2)

It smells amazing too – like really rich, almost coffee-esque hazelnut.

I also picked up some hibiscus tea – another one I’ve been trying to find with no luck.

IMG_1384 (2)

It makes a great iced tea.

IMG_1389 (2)

With all of my purchases in tow, I made my way back to my friend’s place, not without stopping for a cold one.


Almost fooled you, didn’t I? Vanilla Creme Soda totally trumps any beer.

Then it was time to pack my bags and head back out to the big ol’ boat to say farewell to fair Victoria.

I grabbed a bacon cheddar burger from the cafeteria.


Set up camp outside on the deck to enjoy the sunshine.


And just enjoyed the peaceful ride home through the islands.

IMG_1378 (2)

And that, my blog friends, wraps up my birthday escape to Victoria. As always, it was a great trip. And as always, it was far too short. I’m already trying to figure out when I can get away again…especially since someone there owes me a drink.

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5 Comments on “Birthday Escape To Victoria – Part 4”

  1. August 21, 2010 at 4:35 pm #

    Oh, I think I’ll be making that sweet potato hash at home too! That coconut tea sounds so great. My kind of tea!

  2. August 21, 2010 at 5:16 pm #

    I’m betting that coconut tea smells divine!!!

  3. August 21, 2010 at 7:10 pm #

    So was it just me or did you take pictures at Silk Road!?!?! I visited today and was told no pictures when I was taking some outside the door. I walked in and looked around but it left a bad taste in my mouth. So I walked out without buying anything.

  4. August 21, 2010 at 10:03 pm #

    Hey Beautiful!

    I’ve been so busy i havent been up to date on my post but i just got caught up on ur victoria birthday escape series! omg i bet we almost ran into eachother a few times!! the starbucks in china town is my fav one, i think theyre the friendliest there and i like how big it is inside!

    I havent gone to veneto but it definitely looks like a swanky place and a lot of business people go there on their lunch break which is cool.

    I hope u thoroughly enjoyed it here! wow the raw cake was FABULOUS! i thought u were going to say u picked it up from cafe bliss on pandora but then i saw u made it!! holy crap, amazing!

    xoxoxo ❤

    • August 24, 2010 at 9:55 pm #

      I have been trying to get to Lucy’s ever since I moved back … after your review I’m going to try extra hard now!!

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