Moving Out

Why hello there blog readers! Sorry for going MIA for the past couple of days, but I’ve been a busy bee – I spent a whole day doing a Food Safe course, worked a whole bunch, and have moved out of my house.

Whoa, what?

Moved out?!

It’s true. I packed my bags and moved…to my cousin’s house. For a week.

They have gone out of town, so I’m house sitting. It’s not a bad gig, and not just because I get to be on my own again.

I have access to a nice little home gym.


And get to watch after these two wonderful furballs.



So not only did I pack up all my clothes, toiletries and blogging equipment, but I grabbed some food essentials.


Why hello there nut butter collection. Just a few staples, because you never know what you might need.

Apparently, I should have packed more. This was what I was greeted with when I got to their house Wednesday night.


A whole lotta condiments, not a whole lotta food. I appreciate that when going away, you generally try to eat down your fresh foods. That’s cool. But the cupboards were like this too – there was some soup and canned corn, lots of spices, tea, and baking supplies. And a few other random bits, but still…not alot to work with. Not for someone like me who craves a full stocked kitchen at all times, so that I can create whatever my heart desires on a whim. 

I mean, how am I supposed to make good use of my packed reading material without anything to work with?



This girl wants to do some cooking!

Alas, there was nothing I could do until today. And because I work in a grocery store, I was too stubborn to go shopping until I went to work this evening. Seemed silly to waste gas on extra trips to the store, ya know? Fortunately, I had brought cereal and there was milk in the fridge for breakfast. Unfortunately, it’s lactose free milk which I find just too sweet. Ah well.

Lunch proved to be a whole other challenge. I found this package of hot & sour soup in the cupboard, and thought it sounded okay.


And there happened to be some eggs in the fridge (which it calls for), so I was set.


The finished product.


Looks nothing like the package.


But tasted pretty good with a little added sirracha sauce.


I paired it up with a cool and refreshing glass of DRY Soda – kumquat flavour.


It worked out alright for lunch, considering there wasn’t much to work with. Plus I knew I was heading out to meet Jill at the PoCo Farmer’s Market later on, which always involves a stop at Starbucks (hello iced green tea latte).

Speaking of farmer’s market, I stocked up!


Including a few tasty treats from one of the vendors.


But I wasn’t done there. I did a grocery shop after work.


And even stopped at home to pilfer my parent’s fridge & cupboards. Which really, wasn’t pilfering considering half the stuff I grabbed were things I had actually purchased that no one else in my family eats anyways.


Excessive? Probably. But this way I feel like I have something to work with. And it’s not like I have to use everything. I’ll just bring back whatever is left over. I take pleasure in a well stocked kitchen 🙂

So the plan is to bring you highlights from my culinary adventures this week. I’m excited to be on my own again, cooking whatever moves me, not worrying about whether my family will enjoy it or not. And really, I have no excuse to not make some fabulous eats. Did you see all that local, fresh produce I have? I am not letting that go to waste!

Now I must sleep, but I have a some links and announcements I’d like to share with you:

  • Silver Hills is running a contest in honour of the newly designed Mack’s Flax bread logo – Mack is riding a bike, but now he has a helmet, and is setting a much better example. You can win your own bike helmet, t-shirt, and bread coupons! Click here to enter – open to Canadians only.
  • Food Network Canada is giving away a $250 Williams-Sonoma gift certificate, as well as 4 gift packs from the Food Network. Click here to enter – again, Canadians only. 
  • Have you checked out the Healthy Living Blogs website? You should – I just recently became a member, and it’s a great resource for bloggers and readers alike to network with like minded healthy living bloggers out there.
  • I’ve also recently joined ShesConnected, a networking site for women, to connect with like minded individuals in bother their professional and personal lives. You can create both a professional and personal profile, list your blogs by category, and a whole lot of other features. Seems like it could be a great tool for many of us out there. Check it out!


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5 Comments on “Moving Out”

  1. highonhealthy
    August 27, 2010 at 7:19 am #

    Haha, I love all the food! I probably would have gone all out too. I mean, how are you supposed to come up with fun meals if you don’t have a variety of things to work with?

    You’re going to be going to UBC soon for the dietetics program, right? Are you starting this year or next? I’m hopefully going to be going next Fall!

  2. August 27, 2010 at 10:00 am #

    it’s so funny to see your canadian products and how the packaging is different from that of the same products in the states. like…there’s not even an ocean between us, so why would they market them differently?! i don’t get it!

  3. August 27, 2010 at 2:53 pm #

    Beautiful farmers’ market loot! That bread looks particularly fetching:)

  4. August 29, 2010 at 11:24 am #

    lol man you really did pilfer from your parents kitchen! i don’t see any TP though! 😉

  5. August 30, 2010 at 12:05 pm #

    I love that you brought your own food!! LOL And the market grub looks fantastic! 🙂

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