A Day In The Life – Wednesday Edition

It’s time for the 3rd installment of my “Day In The Life” series, where I document a typical day for myself this semester as a Year 3 UBC Dietetics Student. What to see what my Mondays and Tuesdays look like? Click here and here.


A Day In The Life Of A UBC Year 3 Dietetics Student – Wednesday Edition

7:45 am – Alarm goes off. It’s cold. I choose not to get out from under the covers. I may fall back asleep.

8:31 am – Mom comes in my room, asking me if I’m going to school. I sleepily scold her for not waking me up earlier, because obviously I’m going to school. And because obviously, she should be responsible for waking her 31 year old daughter. I am fully aware of how ridiculous that sounds.

8:45 am – Make breakfast. While it’s cooking, fire up dad’s computer to print off something for class.

8:59 am – Breakfast is ready. Photo shoot outside in the sunshine!


Oats, almond milk, fresh cranberries(!), flax seed, vanilla, peanut butter, brown sugar. Love.


9:02 am – Inhale breakfast while throwing together something that resembles lunch.

9:15 am – Get dressed (not in my favourite jeans), pack bag (that I borrowed from mom), don’t put on makeup (because I no longer have ANY).

9:30 am – Out the door. Dad gives me a ride to the train.

9:45 am – Train ride. No iPod of course. Means I get to listen to people chew gum in my ear and equally annoying things like that. Vow to get a new iPod ASAP.

10:08 am – Get in line for the bus. Realize I need to pick something up from the drugstore, get out of line, make purchase, get back in line. Miss one bus in the process.

10:15 am – Get on the bus. Manage to score a seat. Enjoy snoozing the rest of the way to school.

10:55 am – Arrive at school. Emergency pit stop before class.

11:00 am -  12:00 pm – Human Physiology Lecture. Thrilling as always.

12:05 am – Wander across campus in the general direction of my afternoon class. Find a nice bench outside to enjoy the sun and eat lunch.


Wednesdays are my only true day where I need to pack a lunch every week. It’s the only day I have class after noon this semester. Today, I went with a Silver Hills Flax Sprouted Grain Bagel with spinach & artichoke hummus, aged white cheddar, and avocado. Plus an apple and some cucumber and carrot sticks for later.


While I enjoyed the sunshine, this little guy joined me, hoping for a crumb.


12:25 pm – Headed inside to work on my hockey pool draft choices. Did I mention hockey season starts tomorrow? Woot!

1:00 – 4:00 pmLand, Food & Community lecture time. The day was broken up into 3 parts. 1st we had our regular lecture, followed by optional workshops on things we might need for our research projects. Things like qualitative and quantitative data analysis, interview techniques, mapping, etc. Exciting stuff! Then we met up in our homerooms and had time to work with our groups. During class I consumed the apple and veggies I brought with me, as well as a delicious slice of banana bread one of my group members brought. Yum!

4:15 pm – Back on the bus to head home. Totally sleep the whole way to the train.

5:05 pm – Train ride. Wee!

5:26 pm – Arrive at the bus loop. Sadly, no one to pick me up today.

5:26 pm – 5:48 pm – Wait at bus loop. Do sudoku puzzles in the book mom gave me.

5:49 pm – Bus finally arrives to take me home. 

6:10 pm – Sister calls me, asks me if I want her to pick up McDonalds for dinner. I respond with a “hell no!”.

6:17 pm – Finally walk in the door, where I am greeted with my parents list of instructions while they are away. Did I mention they are going on vacation? Hence my need to take the damn bus all the way home now.


My favourite part is my dad’s note about the cat litter.


“3 cats = Lots of waste”. Thanks for the tip dad.

6:20 pm – Roast vegetables for dinner.


7:10 pm – Heat up leftovers to go with said vegetables.

7:15 pm – Dinner time!


I kinda love all my photos of dinner tonight. Perhaps it’s the snazzy white plate I picked up on sale at Zellers?


Knowing there was some leftover brown rice and Salmon Loaf in the fridge, I just needed to fulfill the veggie component. I decided to roast up whatever I could find in the fridge – carrots, beets, onion, and kohlrabi. Yes, kohlrabi. I bought it on a whim. A long time ago. Apparently it keeps really well.


Simply tossed in garlic, pepper, salt, and avocado oil. Roasted at 425 degrees F for 40 ish minutes. Top with a bit of crumbled goat cheese and chopped parsley and you have yourself a dish.


8:00 pm – 11:00 pm – TV time, including America’s Next Top Model, Criminal Minds, and some Food Network, while reading blogs and whatnot. I also did the dishes and made up a pot of steel cut oats.


Can you believe I’ve never had steel cut oats? Looking forward to breakfast tomorrow.

9:00 pm ish – Tea time.


Hazelnut roasted yerba mate tea with almond milk and agave, plus a slice of banana blueberry cake mom had made before she went on vacation. With a smear of Peanut Butter & Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter. Oh yeah.

11:01 pm – Watch the late news. Blog. Harass cats. Contemplate going to bed early. Know that’s never going to happen.

11:15 pm – Post. Finish watching news. Hope to be in bed by midnight.

So, in order to do that, I need to sign off. But not before asking you to vote for my Creamy Ham, Mushroom, and Cheese Pasta dish over at the 20 Minute Supper Club Favourite Food Fight contest. Because I would love to win, and need your help to do so 🙂

I shall also leave you with a Where’s Waldo Sienna photo. Can you find her?


Does anyone else find the pairing of a box of Fibre 1 bars and a roll of toilet paper in the back suitcase somewhat amusing? Ah, toilet humour. You are never too old for it 😉 Night!

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2 Comments on “A Day In The Life – Wednesday Edition”

  1. October 7, 2010 at 2:15 am #

    I voted for your cheesy pasta dish and I’m keeping my fingers crossed you will win 🙂
    Your dinner photos are indeed beautiful. Everything looks really yummy. I think I need to roast some vegetables today 🙂

  2. October 7, 2010 at 5:12 pm #

    Haha, love the instructions left by the parents!!

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