A Bit Of British Charm

If you’ve ever been to Victoria, you’ll know that British influence can be found all over the city. From afternoon tea at The Empress, to pubs with names like The Sticky Wicket, you’ll find a little piece of Great Britain wherever you turn.

My most recent trip to Victoria included a stop in at one pub I had yet to try out – The Bard & Banker.


The Bard & Banker is relatively new – maybe a few years? It’s part of a group of British style pubs in Victoria, including Irish Times (also downtown), and The Penny Farthing (in Oak Bay). The Bard & Banker is the Scottish addition to the trio.


It’s actually a huge space inside, with two floors, and many smaller rooms and nooks to dine in. I’m a big fan of all dark wood and brass accents.



We stopped in for an afternoon snack after a few hours of shopping downtown (and so Marty could say hi to his brother, who works there), taking a seat up at the bar.


Per usual, my friend Marty enjoyed a beer, while I went with simple soda water with a splash of lime cordial – refreshing.


We weren’t looking for a full meal, just some things to nibble on to tide us over until dinner.


As luck would have it, the first two menu items sounded great, so we went with those!


Fresh fish bites with homemade tartar sauce


Yam fries with a miso, lime, and ginger mayonnaise


Can I just say that fish bites are an excellent idea? I love me some fish & chips, but find that when I eat it as a meal, my stomach isn’t always happy. But with the fish bites you get that fish & chips fix without the subsequent issues. And their tartar sauce is excellent. Although, can you really mess up tartar sauce?

The yam fries were also tasty, but the mayo was only so-so. I’d rather have a garlic mayo, but that’s just personal taste.

Overall, The Bard & Banker was good. The menu looked like it had some other interesting options on it, which I would go back and try. Plus I like all the little rooms you can sit in, so that even if it were busy and noisy, you can still have a touch of privacy so you can chat with your friends. A nice little afternoon stop, that’s for sure.

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One Comment on “A Bit Of British Charm”

  1. Martin
    November 7, 2010 at 8:08 am #

    And it always tastes better when the food gets comped 🙂

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