It’s Never Too Late For Breakfast

Last night as I was falling asleep, I had grandiose plans of a leisurely breakfast on Monday morning, knowing if I got up at 7 am, I’d have plenty of time to get creative in the kitchen and make something out of the ordinary for a week day. The caveat being “if I got up at 7 am”. Oh sure, I set my alarm, and even acknowledged it when it went off. But in my usual fashion, I said “oh, I’ll just linger here under the covers for just a few more minutes”. A few minutes turns into 60 or so, and before you know it, it’s 8:30 am, and I have about 45 min left in my morning to get ready and be out the door on time. That may seem like an eternity for some, but I’m so not a morning person, and 45 min goes by like that!

So I scrapped my breakfast plan, threw together some toast with peanut butter and jam, and was on my way to school.

It was a cold, wet, grey stormy morning that only got worse as the day went on.


By the time I made it back home on the bus, I resembled a drowned rat, and couldn’t get into my pj’s fast enough. I figured since I was back in my pj’s, I may as well have that planned breakfast for lunch.

It involved something new in the French Fries to Flax Seeds kitchen.


Mochi! I had read a book where they talked about using mochi to make waffles, and always had that in my back of my mind as something I needed to try. One day I found myself at Whole Foods, staring at packages of mochi. So I bought some. And it soon became forgotten about in my fridge. Until today. I was going to make me some mochi waffles.

It was really quite simple. Cut some thin slices of the mochi (this one is made from brown rice and water), throw them on your waffle iron, and let it do its thing.


The strips of mochi puffed up and joined together to make a waffle, just like I had hoped. Apparently you can also bake it or fry it and get the puffing up action as well. I figured the waffle iron was more energy efficient and easier though.

So to go with my mochi waffle, I cooked up a little cherry compote, using frozen cherries, maple syrup, vanilla, and water.



The decided to round out the meal with one of the Oikos Greek yogurts I had picked up while in the US last week.


Topped with a few pomegranate arils for fun.


Oh yes, and a mug of Silk Road Velvet potion tea with a splash of milk. It was cold and I needed to warm up.


Breakfast for lunch? Why the heck not?!


The mochi was interesting. It puffs up and gets very crispy, yet also has a bit of a sticky consistency when you eat it. You know, like those candies that get stuck in your teeth? My cherry compote was a bit too sweet (my fault), so it did overpower the mochi waffle a bit, but it was still good. And I wasn’t a huge fan of the vanilla Oikos. It had a weird taste, which could be because I rarely buy flavoured yogurt.

So…what else should I make with the rest of my mochi? I only used about 1/3 of the block. I mean, waffles are good, but I’d like to experiment some more. If you’ve cooked with mochi and have some suggestions, pass them along!

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3 Comments on “It’s Never Too Late For Breakfast”

  1. Weighting For 50
    November 16, 2010 at 9:23 am #

    There is NUTHIN’ wrong wtih breakfast for dinner!!! In face, sometimes it’s just fun!

  2. November 16, 2010 at 4:26 pm #

    Mochi is entirely new to me, so I don’t have any ideas…but I’m looking forward to your future creations:)

  3. November 17, 2010 at 8:05 am #

    Never heard of mochi, but it looks kinda neat….

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