Taste Test – Thrifty Foods Vegan Brownie

As I was browsing the Thrifty Foods’ flyer this week, a little something caught my eye.

IMG_1366 (2) 

It wasn’t so much the fact that we had brownies on sale, but that we apparently now have a vegan brownie. I had never seen this in the store before, and thought it was pretty cool that our bakery was starting to carry products catering to individuals different diets. I decided it was my mission to try these brownies out!

Today I made a stop in at the store, and picked up a package (spending my own hard earned money, thank you very much – no freebies here!)


My first reaction was “Where the heck is the frosting?!” As you can see from the ad, our regular brownies have a lovely layer of chocolatey frosting. Alas, the vegan brownies were instead topped with sliced toasted almonds and chocolate chips. Er…carob chips actually, after inspection of the ingredient list.


The ingredient list looks long, but it’s because they list each of the individual ingredients within other ingredients (such as the chocolate soy milk, etc), probably so people can indeed see they are vegan. No nutritional information on the package though, which is also different from the regular brownies.


They looked very moist and packed full of chocolate, so of course I dove in and had a piece as soon as I was home.



It looked like it would be dense and fudgy, but it kinda let me down in that respect. I like a brownie to have some heft to it, and these were more airy and cakey. They had a great chocolate flavour though, and were definitely moist and rich. And although the toasted almonds went with the flavour, I think a great chocolate frosting would have been better. What can I say, I had my mind set on frosting.


Overall, I am impressed that our bakery has branched out and made a treat specifically vegan – I think it really shows forward thinking by a relatively mainstream grocery store chain. And they are good – if you are looking for a chocolate treat to satisfy a craving, these will fit the bill. I just think they could be tweaked to be even better and even more satisfying for a decadent chocolate treat. Scrap the almonds and give me frosting!


I should also note, that they cannot guarantee there is no cross contamination in the kitchen – the bakery does use dairy and eggs, so they do have a warning on the package. I’m sure they do their best, but it is something to keep in mind. Give them a try though. I bet if one vegan baked good becomes popular, they will look into expanding to more.


Disclaimer – although I am employed by Thrifty Foods, I have in no way been compensated for my review, and my opinions are solely my own as I do not speak for the company.

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One Comment on “Taste Test – Thrifty Foods Vegan Brownie”

  1. July 15, 2011 at 5:43 am #

    i wish they did compensate you for this review though, you did a fantastic job at describing these! I am blown away that Thrifty’s would even get on-board at creating a Vegan Brownie!!! I would have loved to see them make an icing too, instead of almonds… i guess some might like the nuts though because it would be deemed ‘healthier’ but i think when making a brownie, you kind of have to do it up right- icing and all! one thing for sure is, they visually impressed the heck out of me! or is that also due to your impeccable photography 🙂

    xoxo ❤

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