The Chocolate Chronicles – Denman Island Chocolate Rosemary, Baby

It’s time for another issue of The Chocolate Chronicles (check out the inaugural edition if you missed it). This time we are taste test the Denman Island Chocolate Rosemary, Baby chocolate bar.


Denman Island Chocolate was started in 1998 on – where else? – Denman Island, BC, by a couple who left the “big city” in search of a more rural way of life. Their chocolates are dark and organic, and come in a variety of tantalizing flavours. They make the chocolates in their beautiful looking factory on the island (seriously, check out their website – even it is beautiful), and even give back 1% of their gross sales to conservation efforts. I love to support a local company with morals and a great product.


Now, I wish I could say I’ve been to Denman Island to give you all a sense of what it’s like, but I have yet to explore any of our amazing Gulf Islands other than Salt Spring (remember my trip – part 1 and part 2). But I imagine it would be just as amazing, but less busy. One day I will get there. Anyone up for an island getaway?


I picked up the Rosemary, Baby chocolate bar on a whim at The Wellness Show this past April. They didn’t actually have any out to sample, but convinced me I should give it a go. I’m all for adventuresome flavours, so I figured why not? The ingredient list is simple – chocolate (min 70% cocoa mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter), rosemary essence. That’s it.


Upon unwrapping the pretty teal paper, you are greeted with a somewhat unassuming chocolate bar. Simply dark, no embellishments, understated if you will.


I broke off one square, to get a look at the texture. For some reason I thought I might see bits of rosemary nestled in there, even though the ingredient list clearly states rosemary essence. And as it should be, the chocolate was completely uniform and smooth. It was time to take a bite.


Rich dark chocolate taste to start, not too sweet. Then you get the subtle hints of rosemary. Very well balanced I would say. The rosemary never overpowers the chocolate flavour, but enhances it. Gives it a little extra something that, if you didn’t know was rosemary, you might not be able to put your finger on. It’s not quite floral, not quite spicy, not quite herby, and yet it is all of those things? I don’t know how to describe. I do know that I like it.


I gave my mom a piece to get another opinion. She agreed that the rosemary was very subtle, but very nice. I know they say on their website that this chocolate bar isn’t for everyone, but I think anyone who enjoys a good dark chocolate could appreciate this chocolate bar. If you see it, definitely give it a try.



Just a note – I’m going to be doing some tidying up on the site this week. I have a few recipes that I had made into their own pages, but for consistency, I would like to make them into posts like all of my other recipes. So I will be reposting them, which means you will see old recipes showing up in your readers, on the Facebook page, etc. I hope it doesn’t seem spammy or anything!

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