The 2012 Wellness Show Recap

Yes, it’s that time of year again – time for the annual Vancouver Wellness Show! You may recall I’ve had the pleasure to attend the past two years. I have to admit, I almost completely forgot about the event…until a little surprise showed up on my door step (thanks Rebecca!)


Another lovely little swag bag filled with treats. Aside from tickets to the show, the highlight of the bag was the package of Holy Crap cereal.


Oh, and a little pedometer you can just barely see in the bottom of the picture. I’ve always wanted to try out a pedometer to find out how much I walk during the day. Perhaps I should try it out at work tomorrow!

Since Rebecca was so generous to send me tickets, and this was the 20th anniversary show, I had to attend. I invited my mom along this time, and we had a great time taking in all the vendor booths, sampling a vast array of products (including a fair amount of innovative chocolates), and taking in a cooking demo. As always, I wish I could have been in attendance each of the three days to take in all the events, but a girl has to work as well.

I decided to forgo the photo taking at the show (but you can check out a ton of great shots on The Wellness Show Facebook Page). However, I can share with you the items I came home with.


Everything in the above picture was handed out free. Lots of literature on various products, but some interesting samples as well.


I’m kinda excited to try out the instant coconut water from Blue Monkey. I had never seen this before, and I’m wondering how it tastes in comparison to the regular stuff (Confession – I’m completely addicted to their canned coconut water. I may purchase one almost every shift at work). 


Can you believe I’ve never tried out hemp protein powder in my smoothies? Good thing I have this sample from Manitoba Harvest.


I even picked up some cat food samples for Sienna. Wellness isn’t just for people! Perhaps she can write a guest post once she’s given them a go? 😉


Of course, the event wasn’t just about freeloading and sampling. I did purchase a few items to take home with me.


Chocolate! I know, I’m so predictable. I decided upon these three bars from The Tea Room – White Chocolate with chamomile and honey; Dark Chocolate with almond, caramel, and sea salt; Dark Chocolate with green tea and bergamont.


Organic Traditions Maca Powder. I’ve always wanted to experiment with maca powder, and the price was good, so I decided to splurge.


More chocolate! This one is raw chocolate bar from Zimt – Salt of the Earth. Yes, more chocolate with sea salt. It’s good stuff. And the gal who makes these is local and very fun to chat with.


This was my find of the show. A smoothie shaker/to-go cup from Bremner Foods, with the little whisk ball inside for only $5. I have wanted a shaker cup like this for ages, so when I saw them at the show for that price, I didn’t have to think twice about pulling out my wallet.


Another highlight? Getting my brand new cookbook signed by the authors (who were doing a cooking demo at the show).


Wondering what cookbook I’m talking about? You’ll just have to come back and see – that will be for another blog post.


All in all, The 2012 Wellness Show was great. My mom enjoyed it, and said she would go again. It’s always great to get out there, interact with the vendors, see what products are coming into the market, and learn about new wellness innovations. I especially find it valuable as I get closer and closer to being a full-fledged RD (did I mention I have just over a month left of school, and internship starting in Sept? Can we say excited?!). It’s so important to keep yourself educated on what products are out there and what the new trends are to be able to counsel your clients effectively. It’s probably one of the more fun ways to continue your education!

If you live in Vancouver, and have never been to The Wellness Show, I highly recommend checking it out next year. Stay connected on their Facebook page and Twitter account so you don’t miss out on the dates for the next show. Trust me, you’ll have a great time. 


And now, dear blog readers, I have a question for you:

Is there a particular product I picked up at the show you would like me to try out and review for the blog? I would love to hear what you want to know about – gives me incentive to get on trying them and something to post about! Let me know in the comments below!

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