A Quick Bite

I’m full on immersed in end-of-the-semester papers, projects, and assignments. But sometimes it’s good to take a moment from all insanity and enjoy a quick bite.


I had an appointment downtown this afternoon after class, but had some time to kill beforehand. Lunch was on my mind, and when I passed the Tacofino Blue Burrito Truck, I decided that would be my quick bite. You may remember when Jill and I went on a food truck tour this past summer and visited the Tacofino Orange Taco Truck. It was good, so it only made sense to stop in and give the other truck a go. 


Fish Burrito – Tempura lingcod with refried black beans, seasoned basmati rice, chipotle mayo, salsa fresca and shredded cabbage rolled in a warm 12” flour tortilla ($10)

I’m not sure if you can truly appreciate the size of this thing from the pictures. But let me tell you – it was huge and definitely worth the $10 price tag. Good thing my tummy was rumbling, because I did not want this to go to waste.


Sadly, photos of the inside of burritos never do them justice. Trust me though, this was packed with all sorts of good stuff. Nice chunks of perfectly cooked lingcod, not too heavy on the rice, creamy beans, thinly shredded crunchy cabbage, and just enough chipotle mayo and salsa to keep it moist and flavourful. It could use a kick of spice, but I guess that’s why they have hot sauce at the truck so you can add what you like. I was hard pressed to make it through the whole thing, but I persevered!

I sat for awhile, looking out over the water near the convention centre, reading my book, and just enjoying some downtime while my tummy digested. Because I also had this treat to look forward to.


Ah yes, the infamous Chocolate Diablo Cookie. Fudgy, spicy, sweet, and salty. The epitome of flavour explosion. So good. And the recipe is online, so you can even make them at home – which I have yet to get around doing. Add that to the ever growing list of things I need to get to.


My quick bite at the Tacofino Blue Burrito Truck was definitely a great idea. Not only did I get to enjoy some down time and eat a great meal, it kept me full all the way through dinner (and an online quiz). I’d call that winning.  

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2 Comments on “A Quick Bite”

  1. kristaskravings
    March 28, 2012 at 6:11 am #

    I saw those guys on Eat St.!!! 🙂

  2. March 28, 2012 at 12:13 pm #

    That looks like an awesome meal. I love the packaging especially. Hola y todos! And also the tortilla looks incredible – I know a thing or two about torts Marianne 🙂 xo

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