Taste Test – Dan-D Pak Vegetable Chips

I like vegetables. I like chips. And yes, regular old chips are vegetables, but they are generally limited to potatoes, sweet potatoes, and the odd plantain (unless you get one of those fancy Terra Chips blends). I have seen some American bloggers post store-bought “chips” made from a variety of vegetables, but as with so many things, we didn’t seem to have them in Canada. Or so I thought.


Up on a top shelf, across from our bulk department in the store, I found a few little stacks of Dan-D Pak Vegetable Chips. Curious, I picked up a package to try out.


I was pleased to see yellow and purple sweet potatoes, squash (kabocha?), taro root, carrots, and green beans all in the mix. Nary a regular old potato to be found!


The other ingredients include canola oil, dextrin, and sea salt. Aside from the dextrin (apparently it is a crispness enhancer), not horrible. Plus you get 4 g of fibre, and 70% of your Vitamin A for a 50 g serving. It could be worse.


Each vegetable chip tasted, well, like the vegetable it was. But crunchy, with some added salt and oil. Snack like. Colourful. Fun. And apparently a little phallic 😉


Ultimately, it’s still a chip. Enjoy it for what it is. And still eat your veggies.

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One Comment on “Taste Test – Dan-D Pak Vegetable Chips”

  1. November 28, 2012 at 11:13 am #

    Oh! I love those. I get that mix at Bulk Barn…..not too much, though because it’s addictive! 🙂

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