“M” Is For…

“M” is for Marianne.

“M” is for Monday.

“M” is for Meatless.

“M” is for Mushrooms.


Marianne likes mushrooms. Marianne thinks mushrooms are a great option for a Meatless Monday dinner.


You’ve heard of Meatless Monday right? In a nutshell, it’s a movement to encourage people to forgo meat for one day a week, to improve health and lower environmental impact due to food choices. It’s not about becoming a vegetarian or vegan, but getting people to expand their food options past the “typical” meat/starch/veg meal.

I myself don’t necessarily follow Meatless Monday’s, because ultimately it’s an arbitrary day, and I often have meatless meals all week long. But if meat is something you have without fail at every meal, it’s a great way to start experimenting with non-meat meals. Committing to one meal or day per week isn’t that big of a deal, and could lead to more meatless meals. Especially if you find some recipes you really like.


My friend Rebecca over at Cooking By Laptop posted a recipe for Mushroom Bourguignon a little while back which looked and sounded awesome. It needed to happen in my kitchen. So mushrooms were obtained. Heck, I even splurged on shallots and leeks! I was serious about doing it up right.


I even added a little extra mushroom oomph with this fancy sea salt.


I know bourguignon conjures images of hours simmering away on the stove to develop that rich flavour that makes it so delightful. But when you aren’t using beef, the process is much quicker, and suitable for even a weeknight meal.


Let me tell you, this will make your house smell amazing. That’s what cooking with all those aromatics and red wine will do. It was like the best mushroom gravy/sauce/stew ever. I served mine over whole wheat egg noodles, but I bet it would be great with any grain (rice/wild rice mixture?), or ever with roasted/mashed potatoes if that’s what you have.


Give this one a go next time you are looking for an impressive meatless dish – maybe on a Meatless Monday date night? I mean, if you are gonna open the bottle of wine anyways…may as well enjoy a glass & dinner with someone 😉


No go make this. You will thank me. And thanks for sharing the great recipe Rebecca!

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  1. January 14, 2013 at 1:11 pm #

    Yummo, right???

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