Insight Into Internship – Part 13

Dun dun dun…part 13?! This must be the unlucky part right? Pfft, I don’t believe in silly superstitions like that. And in fact, this was one of the best parts of internship, so read on…


Almost another month has come and gone since my last internship update, and we are heading into the home stretch! Yes, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. But I won’t be breaking out any celebratory bubbly just yet…another 3.5 weeks for that 😉 So for now, why don’t I tell you about my last placement? This time I found myself travelling far, far away…well, far enough that I needed to take a ferry!

IMG_20130506_191621 (1)

Yes, I was headed back to where the blog all began (and please do not search out my first post – it’s embarrassing!) – Victoria! Not only was it exciting to go back to the city I called home for almost 5 years, but it was also the placement in internship I was looking forward to the most – my community rotation with the Ministry of Health. Yes, I was hanging out with the government crowd. It’s the thing to do really when you are in the capital of the province, don’t you think?

IMG_20130511_190127 No, this is not a government employee. They were all much less crabby 😉

Now, for those current interns, or interns to be – this is not your typical community rotation. I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with traditional community based dietitians. But I still feel that I got a taste of what it’s like to work in a community setting, and some great insight into public health promotion and health policies. I did get to spend a small amount of time with one community RD, heading to a First Nation’s community where we did some pregnancy and infant feeding teaching. But the majority of my time was spent learning about the role of the RD’s with the Ministry, the public health programs they have implemented, and working on various projects. You can check out many of these on the Healthy Families BC website.

IMG_20130517_205045 I also found time to hit up some of my favourite restaurants and eat delicious things such as this caramel cheesecake with rhubarb from Spinnakers. Nom!

Due to confidentiality agreements, I’m going to skip most of the details of the projects I worked on and the meetings I went to, because I’m not really sure what I can and can’t share (better to be safe than sorry, right?). But I will give you some highlights:

  • I organized and presented a lunch and learn session for employees at the Ministry on gluten-free eating. Turns out it was a popular topic, and I had good attendance to the session (even had to move it to a bigger room). I felt it went well, and I got good feedback from people who attended.
  • I wrote a short newsletter article for the employee newsletter. I was told I could choose any topic, and it took me almost the entire 4 weeks to figure out what I was going to write about. I eventually settled on a short piece about superfoods, and if they are really necessary for good health.
  • I attended an RD networking event that my fellow intern organized, and got to meet some other RD’s located on the island. Always good to meet new people in your profession over cookies and spritzer.
  • I was able to learn about the career paths of each of the RD’s at the Ministry, which I think was really beneficial in that it showed how varied a career can be, and how there may be suitable job opportunities in areas you never thought about before. I find every time I hear about what other people have done to get to jobs I think I would like to do, it is inspiring and makes me eager to get out there and work.

IMG_20130511_152820 I also went to the beach a few times. Being in Victoria was like being on vacation because I didn’t have to work on the weekends! This has made my bank account sad though.

I definitely took advantage of the time away from home to catch up with friends, enjoy my free time (hello not working on weekends), and going to many of the places I miss. My boyfriend even came over for the long weekend, and we took a day trip to Salt Spring Island, explored Victoria, and hit up some of the beaches on the west coast. There may have also been some winery and brewery tastings (and purchases) involved. I even had a furry friend to keep me company while Sienna was staying at my parents’ house.


When my 4 weeks came to a close, I was happy to be going home (nothing like sleeping in your own bed), but also sad that the placement wasn’t a little longer. Community/public health are definitely areas of dietetic practice I would like to pursue in my career, and only getting to spend 1/10th of your internship in the area that interests you the most just doesn’t seem fair! I’m definitely glad I was able to have the community experience I did though, as it really is unique, and something that very few interns will get to try out.


So long Victoria…for now. Who knows? I may end up back there one day.

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3 Comments on “Insight Into Internship – Part 13”

  1. June 1, 2013 at 12:15 pm #

    Victoria has a strange pull doesn’t it!?!? 🙂


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