Love Your Lentils

A while back I was working on a patient handout for increasing fibre in your child’s diet. With it, I was putting together a recipe book of easy to make, kid friendly, high fibre recipes. I searched online, through cookbooks and recipe cards to come up with a selection of recipes I thought would be suitable. One of them was for granola bars – and what kid doesn’t love a granola bar?


These were no ordinary granola bar though. These had a secret ingredient…well, okay, not so secret if you read the title of this post. Yes, these lovely chocolate covered granola bars contain lentils.


I figured it was important for me to at least test out one of the recipes I was recommending, and it just so happened I had almost all of the ingredients on hand.


These Lentil Granola Bars from Pulse Canada were super easy to throw together one afternoon after a long day at internship. I did have to cook my own lentils from scratch because I don’t think I’ve ever bought a canned lentil in my life, but since you use red lentils, it takes no time at all. I did have to guestimate how much to cook, and then determine how much liquid to make a suitable puree, but it all worked out.


The only thing I was missing was the “pellet-like bran cereal”, so I just threw in a little extra coconut and added some pumpkin seeds. And I’m pretty sure I melted a little extra chocolate over the top as well, completely by accident of course 😉


I gotta say, these bars were a hit in Casa Fâché! They were great to have on hand to grab for snacks. Both myself and the boyfriend enjoyed them. Not too sweet, lots of texture, and you would never know there were lentils in there! They are also nut-free and easy enough to make gluten-free if you need to. They are definitely going in my “keeper” recipe file.


And if you are looking for more great lentil and bean recipes, look around the Pulse Canada website – they have lots of tasty ideas. And they aren’t sponsoring me to say that, I just truly think they are a great resource 🙂

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One Comment on “Love Your Lentils”

  1. myninjanaan
    June 12, 2013 at 8:08 am #

    these look awesome! I would have never thought to combine lentils in granola bars, but come to think of it, it makes total sense! 🙂

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