Taste Test – Clif Mojo Bars

Sometimes I am such a hipster.


Not just because I wear thick black glasses. Not just because I use mason jars for everything but canning. Not just because I brew my own kombucha*.


But also, because I was eating Clif Mojo Bars before they were cool. Or at least before they were available in Canada. (Need proof? See here, here, and here)


Speaking of which – Clif Mojo Bars are now available in Canada! And lucky me, I was sent a few to try out 🙂


While I was a little sad to see that the Peanut Butter Pretzel flavour was not one of the ones that made it’s way across the boarder, I was delighted to see the 3 flavours they did send me (which also happen to be the only 3 currently available here):

  • Coconut Almond Peanut
  • Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt
  • Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond

All of these sounded delicious, because you can never go wrong with chocolate or coconut as far as I’m concerned. 

The Clif Mojo line apparently came about from a company camping trip, where the company founder, Gary Erickson, shared a snack he had baked. After a few years of tinkering, it became Clif Mojo – their sweet and salty line of trail mix bars. They are gluten free, a good source of fibre, and apparently low on the glycemic index.


Now for the taste tests.


Clif Mojo Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt


When I first unwrapped the bar, I was surprised to see that the bottom is actually coated in a thin layer of dark chocolate. Paired with all of those dark chocolate chunks I can see through the wrapper, I was pretty happy, because I do love me some dark chocolate. It was sweet, but not sickeningly so. You could argue it was verging on a gloried candy bar. I didn’t find there to be enough of that sea salt contrast though, which made me a little sad. Not bad, but also not amazing.


Clif Mojo Coconut Almond Peanut


Okay, so no chocolate in this one, but it has coconut, so I’m still happy. I actually expected this to be my favourite. But it wasn’t. Not that it was bad – it had lots of nuts, decent coconut flavour, but didn’t wow me in any way. It was kind of just there, being ordinary, not offending anyone. This one did have lower sodium than the Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt (120 mg, compared to 160 mg), more fibre, and less sugar, so probably a healthier choice.


Clif Mojo Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond


I wasn’t really sure how I was going to feel about this one – I’m hit or miss on fruit being included in granola bars. I have to really be in the mood for it. But when I took my first bite, I was sold. I was a fan of how the tart cherry contrasted with the dark chocolate and sweetness of the bar. Of all the three, this is the one I would go back and buy based on taste for sure. It is also lower in sodium (120 mg), and has the same fibre as the coconut bar. It is higher in the sugar, but that would be due to the dried fruit. It is also slightly lower in calories, if that’s something important to you.


Overall, I do like the Clif Mojo bars as a tasty on the go option. I don’t know if I would go out of my way to pick them up, although the Dark Chocolate Cherry really was tasty, so depending on my mood, I could see myself getting one every know and again. I’m not a big granola bar eater in general, but they are convenient, so it’s good to know your options. Now if they would only bring that peanut butter pretzel one to the Canada… 😉


*Foreshadowing for a future blog post 😉

Disclaimer – These products were provided to me free of charge to sample and review. As always, all opinions are my own.

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One Comment on “Taste Test – Clif Mojo Bars”

  1. August 2, 2014 at 10:45 am #

    I’ll have to look for those Marianne for when I need something grab and go. Hope you have a great weekend!

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