Life in the PG…So Far

Hello there blog readers! How have things been going? Hopefully you have all been well, and are entering the holiday season with minimal stress – or at least some delicious festive baked goods to keep going. I realized that since moving to Northern BC, I haven’t done any sort of update on how things are going. Which is crazy, because so many things have gone on since leaving my beloved Vancouver. If you are following me on Twitter or Instagram, you’ve probably got a better idea of how things have been going, but I thought it would be great to round up all the fun into one post, and share some non-food pictures while we are at it.



A beautiful fall day in Prince George

1. I have a new job!

Remember how I moved up here for a job to work with families to help them build healthy lifestyle habits, as well as a job working at a long term care facility? Well, I’m no longer doing any of those. An opportunity came up to take a relief position as a Population Health Dietitian, and I couldn’t say no. Not only was it full time, but it’s an area that I have been interested in since before internship (and it was only solidified when I did my rotation with the Ministry of Health). I was pretty excited when I was called for an interview, and then multiply that by 10 when I was actually offered the job. Getting into Population Health when you are still only just out of internship is pretty rare, especially when you consider most people working in this area have a Master’s Degree. Perhaps that’s next on my list?

While I was sad to leave my other jobs, I have to say the new job is pretty great. Because I’m there for an undetermined amount of time, I don’t have a typical portfolio like someone who is permanent. But it means I get to work on a variety of short term projects, which have included writing for both the Northern Health Matters Blog and their Healthier You Magazine (for the February issue), developing resources, and even doing some media segments with the local TV station – which should be coming out soon? I’m so torn on whether I actually want to watch myself or not. It’s always weird to hear your own voice when it’s not inside your head.


My “Smater Sipping” display for a local TV segment

Of course the only downside is that the job is temporary, and I don’t know exactly when it will end, but honestly the experiences I’m gaining, and the connections I am making an invaluable and totally worth any uncertainty.



Riverside in Telkwa, BC

2. We’ve gone exploring!

I guess this is a given when you move to a new place, but my boyfriend and I have been making the most of living in Prince George to have the opportunity to check out more of the province that we probably wouldn’t have done so otherwise. Besides exploring some areas in and around town, we took our first road trip Easter long weekend to Jasper, AB. It was a great getaway, where we wandered around frozen lakes and canyons, ate some great food, and did some tax free shopping. Sadly the tramway wasn’t open yet for the season, so I guess we’ll just have to find time to go back.


Looking out over the Athabasca River in Jasper, AB

Next up was May long weekend, when we took a quick day trip to Quesnel and Barkerville – an historic gold rush town, which I hadn’t visited since I was a kid. Now, all of the snow was gone in Prince George when we went down there, so imagine our surprise when we found Barkerville to be covered in snow still. It was their opening weekend, and apparently they get way more snow than anywhere else down there. Who knew?


The church in Barkerville, BC

Next up was our big road trip of the summer, when we drove out to the west coast, and over into Alaska. We passed through many a town on the way there, staying in Smithers, Stewart, and Prince Rupert, BC. Stewart was our second stop, which is right on the boarder with the Alaskan ghost town of Hyder. Now, I say ghost town, but there are just under 100 people living there. It was fascinating to talk to the people living there, and hear about how things all work there.


Which way to the grizzly bears?

While in Hyder, we also went to the Tongass National Park, just to see grizzly bears. And boy did we luck out – there was one big ol’ bear fishing in the creek who put on a big show.


Hey ladies, how you doin’?

I was so excited to make it back out to the coast. I’ve missed the ocean so much. All that salty sea air and rain clouds were so refreshing compared to the stifling heat and smoke from all of the forest fires around Prince George. Oh yeah, and we ate all of the fresh local seafood!


Seaside near Prince Rupert, BC

We managed to get in one more overnight trip, this time on Thanksgiving weekend in October. We took a quick drive out to Valemount, BC, to hang out in the mountains and check out their tiny craft brewery.



3. I’ve been expanding my blogging/writing/photo venues!

Yes, it’s true. You can now find me writing foodie blog posts for the Northern Health Matters Blog, doing product reviews on Confessions of a Dietitian, and contributing to Gastropost Vancouver on a regular basis. I’ve also joined the Nutrition Blog Network, and am a founding influencer on Health Tap, a new online health service that I find fascinating. I wish I had more free time, so I could explore some more writing/blogging venues, but I also don’t want to start neglecting things like my blog here.


4. I realized I don’t completely hate eggs!

Yes, I’m as shocked as you. But one day I decided I liked the idea of a runny fried egg, so I made one, and low and behold, it was rather tasty. Since then I’ve also expanded into poached eggs. For me, it’s all about that runny centre, perfect for creating a sauce on your plate or dunking toast in. And we’ve got a good source for farm fresh local eggs here, which makes it even better.


Fried egg sammy with avocado, cheddar, and sriracha


Now I’m sure there are plenty more things I could update you on, but this post is getting long. So instead I will leave you with a photo of my favourite furball who joined us up here in April when she took a 10 hour roadtrip with my parents. Yes…it’s Sienna!


She seems pretty stressed with her new home


PS – Just as I finished writing this, I hear I actually made my Prince George TV debut tonight. I’m too chicken to watch. So if you feel like finding it, let me know how it was. Or don’t. I don’t know if I even want to know! 

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4 Comments on “Life in the PG…So Far”

  1. December 10, 2014 at 9:33 am #

    I hope you smiled during your t.v. appearance! So glad things are settling in for you, even if the job isn’t permanent – the skills you are learning are priceless!

    • December 10, 2014 at 10:05 am #

      Haha…hopefully I did smile. Or at least looked pleasant. I still haven’t watched it, so I have no idea!


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