Apple & Prosciutto Breakfast Salad

Since I discovered I finally like eggs (albeit cooked in very specific fashion – poached, easy over, or in a quiche/frittata), I’ve been determined to utilize them more often as an inexpensive and healthy protein source (especially since I can get farm fresh eggs so easily in Prince George). I love the way a runny yolk poached or fried egg creates an instant sauce on whatever you put it on – such as bread, potatoes, pasta, or rice. But sometimes you aren’t always looking for a starch heavy meal, especially when the weather is getting warmer. That seems to be the time you turn to salads and other veggie filled lighter fare. And I know that hard boiled eggs are a classic addition to a leafy green salad, but something about the texture of the whites of a hard boiled egg makes me shudder. So I thought, why does the hard boiled egg always have to get the salad glory? Why not one of it’s softer, runnier friends? I set out to make it so!


Something about putting a poached egg on a salad made me feel like it was more of a breakfast or lunch type dish. So I started adding some flavours that also reminded me of breakfast – the prosciutto in place of say, bacon, and apples and dried cherries because, well, fruit is something one also has at breakfast. In fact, I wanted that whole salty-sweet contrast with this salad, because breakfast and brunch really do feature both. Hazelnuts added a nice crunch, while aged white cheddar adds a little extra complexity to the dish. Plus I just love a good cheese in a salad.


I thought about making a dressing for this dish, but instead went with one of my new favourites – Little Creek Dressing Cherry Balsamic. I know that dressing as so easy (and generally healthier) to make yourself, but I also see the value in keeping a few bottles of good quality dressings in the fridge for when homemade just isn’t going to happen. If it gets you to eat vegetables, then why not? And this dressing is great – they are a local BC company, organic, and use all real food ingredients. Plus they taste great. Of course, any kind of balsamic dressing or fruity dressing would be good here too.


I had butter lettuce on hand, so I went with that in this salad. It’s such a nice tender mild green that I really enjoy paired with sweet and salty flavours. Because of that, I poached my eggs a little firmer than I would if I was putting them on, say, toast. I felt like a super runny centre + a delicate green would end up too mushy. But if you choose to use a sturdier green like romaine or even kale, then full on runny is probably just fine too.

Not only was this a pretty salad to look at, it was delicious and filling to boot. I love all the contrasting textures and flavours together, and the fact that I can even enjoy a salad for breakfast was kinda fun. Why not give it a try?!


Apple & Prosciutto Breakfast Salad

serves 1

Here’s a twist on the classic breakfast flavours of eggs and bacon, fancied up and served in a salad. Crisp sweet apples, tart cherries, crunchy hazelnuts and salty added cheddar add a myriad of flavours and textures sure to please your palate. Who knew you could eat salad for breakfast?!


  • 2-3 cups of leafy greens (I used butter lettuce, but anything you like in a salad will work here)
  • 2 eggs, poached (I went with a soft-medium poach)
  • 2 slices of prosciutto, thinly sliced into strips
  • 1/2 gala apple, thinly sliced
  • 1 tbsp chopped hazelnuts
  • 1 tbsp dried cherries
  • thinly sliced aged white cheddar cheese (to taste)
  • your favourite balsamic dressing (I used Little Creek Cherry Balsamic)


1. On a large plate, layer your lettuce, prosciutto, and apples. Sprinkle on hazelnuts, cherries, and cheddar. Drizzle with dressing.

2. Place your poached eggs (make sure to dry them off) on to of the salad, crack into them, and enjoy!


Note: Play around with the nuts and cheeses to suit what you have on hand or your tastes. Choose your favourite balsamic dressing, make your own, or even use a fruit based dressing to compliment the salad.


Salad for breakfast – great idea or just crazy talk?

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