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I started french fries to flax seeds in September 2008, after stumbling upon the world of food blogging. I saw people taking pictures of the food they ate, and saw how many people were responding, commenting, and viewing these posts and thought “Hey, I could do that!” This was at the same time I had quit skating, and I think subconsciously I was looking for a new project to put my energy and free time into. But here we are, many years later, and it’s still going strong!

The blog has definitely grown and morphed from those early days. I started out with a food journal style, posting all of my meals, aiming to get in three posts per day. This type of posting schedule didn’t work for me though. I tried daily recaps of my eats, but it still felt like a chore. I wanted to focus my posts on topics – be it recipes, reviews, specific meals, techniques, etc. I didn’t want to stress about not capturing photos of everything I ate in the day. I didn’t want to blog boring repeat meals, or worry about plating something nicely when I was tired and hungry. So I scrapped the food journal focus, and just did what came naturally. It allowed me to post on schedule that worked with my day, and I felt re-energized and exciting about blogging again.

If you take the time to go back and look at some early posts (which I don’t recommend), you’ll also see my photography has changed for the better. Gone are photos using flash, and in are photos using as much natural light as possible. I do go back and forth between my point and shoot and my DSLR depending on the situtation, but I always try and capture the best photos I can. I’m still learning and still experimenting with this food photography thing, so feel free to leave me any tips you might have.

I like to post entries I’m proud of, where I have had time to sit down and properly write and edit my words and photos. Sometimes this means I go for extended periods of time between posts – as much as I would love to be a full time food blogger, I am not at a place in my life where that is possible. Certain commitments in life take priority. I try and adhere to posting once a week, and would love to write a post every day, but I can’t guarantee that will happen. I do what works for me and what (hopefully) produces a product I am proud to put my name to.

I hope you enjoy my unique take on the world of food!

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