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Double The Breakfast

…double the fun! Well, okay, let’s be real here. I’m not sure my fun was doubled today in any way by having double the breakfast. But it sounded catchy 😉 I was up bright and early for another riveting biochemistry lecture. I wasn’t feeling anything in the oatmeal/cereal family today, so I went with pb […]

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Crunch Time

So…I should be studying biochemistry. But here I am, putting together a post. I’ll admit it, I’m the ultimate procrastinator. I’m comfortable enough with myself to embrace it. Sure, if I’d just learn to not procrastinate, maybe life would be easier, but who doesn’t love forgoing sleep the night before a test to cram as […]

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Permission To Bake

Happy Wednesday everyone. I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday though – is this week going slow for anyone else?! Maybe it’s just my perpetual sleepy state, but I could so use a weekend right about now. I let myself linger in bed past my alarm this morning, which meant breakfast had to be quick. Cereal […]

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