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The Parker

Vancouver has recently seen a mini explosion of upscale vegetarian restaurants open up. We aren’t talking your standard veggie burgers, tomato sauce pastas, and a few soups and salads. We’re talking innovative, well thought out, and expertly presented dishes. I have been seeing blog posts and tweets about some of the delicious creations showing up, […]

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Squirrel Sighting At AJ’s Organic Cafe

This past weekend I made a trip to my second home – Victoria, BC – to celebrate my birthday. If that sounds familiar, it might be because I did the same thing last year. What can I say, my birthday is a great excuse to go visit my friends I left behind on the island. […]

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I Feel Like Chicken Tonight

Early last week an intriguing email found its way to my inbox, inviting me to a Vancouver Food Blogger Meet Up. The host was the Chicken Farmers of Canada and the location Quince, a boutique food shop/cooking studio specializing in artisanal and local food. The premise – an evening of hors d’oeuvres, mingling, and dinner, […]

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