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Blogger At Work

While I indulge my obsessive perfectionist side as I meticulously format and write my Dietetics Blog for school (due Friday! ACK!), why don’t you check out my guest post over at my Farmer’s Market buddy Jill’s site, Jill’s Test Kitchen. While you are there, check out her recipes – they rock! What’s the post about? […]

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Just Dinner

…and a little dessert 🙂 That’s all the photos I have for you today. What can I say, that’s just how the day went down. It started with a wake up call, let’s say around 11 am. Oops! Mom was off to Costco, so I was out of bed in a flash, getting dressed and […]

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Warm Me Up

Brrrr, is it ever a cold one out there today. It’s rainy, windy, and just unpleasant all around. I’m about ready to curl up under the covers for a nap! And actually, I would have liked to stayed curled up under the covers instead of getting up to go to school. So much so, that […]

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