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Up And Coming

Although I have been MIA for awhile, it doesn’t mean that bloggable things haven’t been happening in my world. Au contraire, mes amis! I have been busy setting myself up for a multitude of fun events and activities in the next few months. I thought I would share with you a few of these things, […]

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Music Monday Returns!

Well, it has been quite some time since I’ve shared a Music Monday post with you all. But I figure no better time than on the eve of the release of the newest version of my favourite video game – Rock Band 3! I’ve already got my copy pre-ordered, because I’m hardcore like that. Instead […]

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Music Monday – I Wanna Rock!

I know what you are thinking. “Music Monday? Uh, Marianne, have you looked a calendar lately? It’s Wednesday.” Just hear me out. I had every intent to bring you Music Monday on Monday. But I ended up agreeing to work a split shift at work. So I figured I’d hook you up on Tuesday. But […]

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