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Welcome to 2016!

It’s the start of a new year, so you know what that means – the obligatory New Year’s post where you talk about all the wonderful things you plan to do this year. Resolutions, goals, bucket lists – whatever you choose to call them, it’s all the same. And while I don’t consider myself to […]

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Welcome to 2015!

Happy New Year everyone! How has 2015 been treating you so far? Hopefully you all had a fun-filled New Year’s Eve, and things are off to a great start 2 days in to the year. I’m already back at work – I hope some of you had the foresight to take January 2nd off, and […]

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Goodbye 2013, Welcome 2014

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a great time ringing in the new year with friends or family. Mine was great – a chill evening with friends, filled with laughs, delicious eats, and a few beverages. It was a chance to bring everyone together before some big changes. What are these changes […]

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