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Portable Pumpkin Pie

I’m a big fan of the Larabar, like many in the blog world. They are a great, portable snack, with one of the shortest ingredient lists out there. Fruit, nuts, spices, maybe a little chocolate – that’s it. And the flavour variety is huge – there is bound to be one that tickles your fancy. […]

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Filling Up On Pumpkin

*** Some things have gone down in the past 24 hours that have not been good. I’m going to continue on with Pumpkin Week, because I can’t share said situation right now. I need to write for a sense of normalcy, so please indulge me. And I apologize in advance if they are…melancholy. And for […]

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Pumping Up Your Smoothie

Pumpkin Week continues! We’ve already seen some overnight oats, a miso soup, and one amazing cheesecake. What’s up next? Yeah, so I guess the title kinda gives it away, eh? I’ve been playing around with various smoothie combinations featuring pumpkin. Some had banana, some had protein powder, some had nut butters and some had chia […]

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