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Hiatus & Hibiscus

Hello there wonderful blog readers! I know it has been awhile – I apologize for the extended hiatus. It was completely unintended, but a series of life and health events have kept me from sitting down at a computer to share with you more from my world of food. Don’t worry – nothing too serious […]

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Taste Test – The Republic of Tea

It seems only appropriate that I write a post about tea while I’m at home sick with a cold, seeing as I’m pretty sure I will be drinking copious amounts of the hot beverage today. I’m already on my first giant mug right now! I have to admit, I am a bit of a tea […]

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A Cookie A Day…

…keeps the doctor away. That’s how the saying goes right?   And oh how I wish that was true right now. Sadly, I have spent almost the entire week at home with the flu. In fact, today is day 4, and I’m getting more than a little stir crazy. Fortunately today I seem to have […]

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