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Better Late Than Never

How did I start my first day after classes ended? By sleeping in of course. Would you expect anything less of me? By the time I rolled out of bed, and got around to the kitchen, well…it was more like brunch. Or maybe even an early lunch. Either way, it was delicious. I wanted yogurt, […]

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Two Fer

That’s right boys & girls – you are getting two days worth of eats all wrapped up in one tasty post! What a deal! Sure, it might be because I worked late and zonked out early last night, but let’s not sweat the details and get on to the food! Tuesday Back to school…back to […]

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Won’t Get Fooled

April 1st has come and gone for another year. Did you play any pranks on anyone? Have a prank played on you? I avoided all the shenanigans by sleeping in late, therefore minimizing the chances that someone would try and pull a fast one on me. Actually, I had considering getting up and going to […]

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