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Green Tea Pear Smoothie

I’ve got another pear post for you, since I’m still trying to use up that big ol’ bag of pears I bought. One could have worse problems in life than trying to come up with creative ways to eat pears, no? This time I decided to create a breakfast that makes no sense with our […]

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Taste Test – Boring Porridge

Boring Porridge? Who the heck would buy a cereal with boring in the name? Yeah, this girl, right here. What can I say, it intrigued me. I mean, it’s pretty ballsy to call your product boring, no? It probably helped that it also came in a flavour that I might be obsessed with – Coconut […]

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You Don’t Win Friends With Salad

Oh Simpsons, you always have a quote to go with every situation. In case you need a refresher – this is from the episode where Lisa decides to become a vegetarian, and Homer is having a big pig roast BBQ. Have you seen it? Do you remember when the pig becomes airborne? “It’s just a […]

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