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Sweet Heat Almond Oat Bars

Hey guys! It sure has been awhile since my last post. In my mind, I thought it had only been a month…but then I looked at the date, and it’s already July 7th? Where has the time gone?! I guess things have just been busy around here with work, travel, friends, and fun! I’ve also […]

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A Cookie A Day…

…keeps the doctor away. That’s how the saying goes right?   And oh how I wish that was true right now. Sadly, I have spent almost the entire week at home with the flu. In fact, today is day 4, and I’m getting more than a little stir crazy. Fortunately today I seem to have […]

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Cherry Almond Bachelorette Bundt Cake

In an attempt to bring some consistency to my blog, I’m transferring some old recipes from their own pages into blog posts. Bear with me while I get this all sorted out. Perhaps they will inspire you (or maybe me) to try these old recipes out! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following recipe was originally posted on May […]

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