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Baking With Peas

I know what you are thinking – I’ve obviously lost it if I’m now baking with peas. And although I do enjoy sweet little green peas, I’m not about to add them to my baked goods. Unless of course, you have a really good recipe for baking with peas… No, I’m talking about a whole […]

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Cherry Almond Crumble Cake

Cherry season is in full swing here in BC. Those beautiful ruby gems are abundant in the grocery stores and farmers’ markets, finally selling for an affordable price. We’ve been enjoying many a cherry lately – juicy and sweet, they make the perfect summer snack. As great as they are on their own, knowing I […]

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Taste Test – Thrifty Foods Vegan Brownie

As I was browsing the Thrifty Foods’ flyer this week, a little something caught my eye.   It wasn’t so much the fact that we had brownies on sale, but that we apparently now have a vegan brownie. I had never seen this in the store before, and thought it was pretty cool that our […]

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