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Mom’s Slow Cooker Chili Steak

This is the complete opposite of a Meatless Monday post.   This post involves meat. Lots of delicious, slow cooked, melt in your mouth steak. Now, I don’t cook steak very often – mostly because I don’t know how to consistently get it to a nice medium rare at home. I leave that up to […]

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Simply Delish Soups – Take 1

My mom and I hit up the Coquitlam Farmer’s Market early on this season on a whim one Sunday morning. We got there about an hour before they were closing up, so when you couple that with the fact that we’ve had horrible weather (aka – horrible early growing season) – there wasn’t much selection […]

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Wild For Waffles

One piece of kitchen equipment I did not have in my own place was a waffle iron. Now, it’s definitely not an essential item in your kitchen, but one that is fun to have, especially when frozen store bought waffles just aren’t going to satisfy a true waffle craving. With an intro like that, I […]

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