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Chocolate Beer Caramel Sauce

Over the past few years, my wonderful boyfriend has opened my eyes to the amazing world of craft beer. For years, I swore I did not like beer. Probably because I had only ever tried the mass produced, tasteless crap. But he was a budding craft beer fanatic when I met him, and eventually curiosity […]

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Squirrel Sighting At AJ’s Organic Cafe

This past weekend I made a trip to my second home – Victoria, BC – to celebrate my birthday. If that sounds familiar, it might be because I did the same thing last year. What can I say, my birthday is a great excuse to go visit my friends I left behind on the island. […]

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They Say It’s Your Birthday

Today is my 32nd birthday. So while I’m out celebrating, I thought I would entertain you with some photos of birthdays long forgotten. Think of it as my gift to you on this special day πŸ™‚   My 2nd Birthday Yeah, I pretty much had the coolest cake ever. Cookie Monster, complete with neon blue […]

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