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Mexican Fried Quinoa

I’m all for dishes that make use of whatever you happen to have on hand. Oh sure, it’s nice to find new recipes, go shopping for all the ingredients, and make a spectacular meal. But I am not a weekly meal planner, so I tend to grocery shop when I’m at work, picking up staples […]

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What Happened To The Beans?

Another Wednesday has come and gone. How was yours? Mine was peachy keen. Or perhaps I should say nectarine keen? Yes, I broke down and bought a couple of nectarines, even though they aren’t the local BC ones. They just smell so good, and it’s been so long since I’ve enjoyed one. So this morning, […]

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Two Down, Two To Go

Final exams that is. Yes, I have made it to the half way point in my final exam schedule, with what I consider my two toughest exams out of the way. It’s quite satisfying to have both biology and biochemistry over and done with, and to feel pretty good about both exams. Now that I […]

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