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Eggs Or No Eggs

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before on the blog that I don’t like eggs. And in general, I don’t. It’s easier to just state that I don’t like them, than to list the instances in which I will consume them. Obviously, they are fine in baked goods, since you can’t really taste them in there. But […]

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The Heat Is ON!

Well, the lack of hot water sure was short lived. My parents phoned a plumber to come in and look at the hot water tank. One part, and a service call later, we had hot, steamy water on demand again. Hot water wasn’t the only positive for the day. Breakfast was pretty freakin’ awesome. I […]

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Soggy, With A Touch Of Sniffles

Another infamous Pineapple Express has descended on the fair city of Vancouver this week. Torrential downpour with 12 degrees C temperatures, in January no less. And to think – we’re hosting the freakin’ Winter Olympics in exactly 1 month. Crazy! That explains the soggy, but what about the sniffles? Well, it started with a sore […]

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