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It’s Just A Salad

Something amazing happened today. I actually had the urge to make and consume a salad. I know what you’re thinking – uh, Marianne, you’ve eaten salads before. Big deal. But it was a big deal. Hear me out. Recently my stomach has been all over the map, and not happy with food in general. Salads […]

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Crunch Time

So…I should be studying biochemistry. But here I am, putting together a post. I’ll admit it, I’m the ultimate procrastinator. I’m comfortable enough with myself to embrace it. Sure, if I’d just learn to not procrastinate, maybe life would be easier, but who doesn’t love forgoing sleep the night before a test to cram as […]

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Fun With Stats

I’ve spent a good part of my evening burying my head in hockey stats. I think this is one of the only uses of stats I actually find fun. Even if I never win the hockey pool While I was crunching numbers, I also crunched on this. Terra Blue Potato Chips. I picked these up […]

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