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Pitiful Pizza

Oh boys & girls, let me tell you – tonight’s dinner was not good. It was take out night again, and my family decided to try something new. It was an epic fail. But before we get into that, let’s back track a few hours. I spent most of my day working on random things […]

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Squashing Hunger

Turns out I was on my own for dinner. My sister called me from work, and said she was picking up McChoke-n-Pukes McDonalds for dinner. She was kind enough to ask me if I wanted anything. That’s something, right? Strangely, I passed on that option, and went searching for appealing dinner ingredients. I decided upon […]

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Running In Circles

Well, I’m amazed that the last post even uploaded. My internet was again, non-functional. It said I was connected, but nothing would load, and the upload kept timing out. Le sigh. What matters is it eventually went though, right? Right?   After my super fabulous baking project was complete this afternoon, I decided I needed […]

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