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Taste Test – Thrifty Foods Vegan Brownie

As I was browsing the Thrifty Foods’ flyer this week, a little something caught my eye.   It wasn’t so much the fact that we had brownies on sale, but that we apparently now have a vegan brownie. I had never seen this in the store before, and thought it was pretty cool that our […]

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What Should I Bake?

This is a question I often pose to, well, anyone around me who will listen when I have the urge to bake. It would be easy to just pull out some of my tried and true go-to recipes every time I want to whip up a sweet treat, but it’s so much fun to try […]

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Day 2 of my “weekend” started off as any other day in which I don’t have somewhere to be before 10 am – by sleeping in. And much like all the other times, I had every intent on getting up earlier than I did, but my bed was just too darn comfy. I will never […]

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